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Mystery Man Brawl RECAP

Player vs Player Battles! Rankings and Titles!
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Mystery Man Brawl RECAP

Post by Volsung »

Priority :
Vagabond 27
Muscle 13
Gunmen 11
Sky-King 8

Vagabond 80
Sky King 100-8

MG1 = 20-2 , down to 3 ammo
MG2= 20-23 (out of action)
MG3= Down to 3 ammo
MG4=20 down to 3 ammo
MG5= 20-23 (out of action) down to 3 ammo



5*Mobster Gunmen 6pts
B1 A1 M1

20Hits/10 Soak Attack 14 Ranged/7, Defend 7

Weapon Technique (+1 Hit All Ranged) 2pts
Trench Coat (Armour +1) 1pts

Thompson (*5 DMG, Range 20, Full Auto, Ammo 8)
Pistol (*2 DMG, Range 10, Ammo 6)
Knife (*2+5 DMG)

5*Mobster Muscle 7 pts

B2 A1 M1

30Hits/10 Soak (20 Soak vs Unarmed) Attack 14 H-H/7, Defend 7

MMA 1:Tough Style 1pt
Unarmed Technique (+1 Hit, +1 Dmg) 2pts

Punch (*3)
Pistol (*2 DMG, Range 10, Ammo 6)
[url=]Detective Zero[/url]
[code] Hits: 100 Hero P: 1 Hero D: 1 Setback P: 0 [/code]
Charges left for actual scene
Scan: 3 Telepath: 3 Daze: 3 Speed:Available
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