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Chris Rutkowsky on "The Games the Thing" Podcast

News, updates and announcements about Basic Action Games!
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Post by Samuraidad »

Great interview! That's actually how I found out about the game.
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Post by kroh »

Love the screen name... It was a cool interview.
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Post by MrJupiter »

flappyram wrote:The action game genre of video games often highlights physical encounters. The player needs to be strongly hand-eye coordinated and have a fast reaction time.
... or, in the case of a tabletop role-playing game like BASH, players could build characters with 2+ scores in Agility, or add in some extra combat proficiency with the various Intense Training powers (Weapon Technique and Martial arts Mastery are my favourite choices).

[Sorry, just bringing the 'game' talk back to the Forum's tabletop focus and away from promoting video game spam (sorry, flappyram, if I was wrong about your intentions).]
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