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How does Slow work?

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How does Slow work?

Post by Solarblast »

Just asking, do you choose what Stat defends against the attack and what start Agility or Mind that is used to make an attack?
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Re: How does Slow work?

Post by BASHMAN »

Sorry, I missed this before. Here is the text from Awesome Powers Omnibus if this helps to explain better:
Mechanics: Make a Mind Contest with the target. The Stat the
target uses to resist your Mind roll depends on how your Power
works and is chosen when the Power is taken. Brawn would
resist high gravity, intense cold, poison, or physical restraints.
Agility would avoid a slippery surface. Mind would be for
technological interference. If there are multiple targets, the
attacker rolls once and each target rolls their own Stat Check
against the attack. If the attacker wins, the target’s speed in
Squares per Panel is dramatically affected. Each Square the
target wishes to move costs 1 additional Square of movement.
This lasts for 1 Page plus an additional Page for every 10 by
which you beat the target’s roll.
Common Enhancements: Quagmire, Lethargic, Linked with
Common Limitations: Reality Alteration, Time (Vs. High Stat) resist psychic
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