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Intriguing Options Volume 4: Spells + Spellcasters Now Available

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Intriguing Options Volume 4: Spells + Spellcasters Now Available

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Basic Action Games has released Intriguing Options Volume 4: Spells + Spellcasters, completing the Intriguing Options line of PDFs. Here is the title description:

Greetings, eager intriguer! Be not beleaguered! For in this volume, we offer players and GMs an array of intriguing options to add variety, depth, and dimension to any game of Honor + Intrigue. Do not think of this as a book of rules… they’re more like… guidelines on how to adapt your campaign in various ways.

This fourth volume details incorporating the new Spellcaster Career into your campaign, which acts as a heroic alternative to the Sorcerer originally written for villainous NPCs. This system can either be used in addition to or as a replacement for that one. Spellcasters can be anything from wizards, shamans, clerics, druids, or even telepaths and psionicists. This volume features a spell list of over 140 spells, including special effects gained when a spell is mastered. In addition, Enchanted Items are included to incorporate into the existing crafting rules and a list of sample magic items. We also introduce “Sword-Casters”, a new type of Dueling Styles that incorporate magic spells with fighting maneuvers to achieve unique effects.
Features of this Volume:
  • New Magical Boons
  • New Career: Spellcaster
  • Rules for learning, casting, and mastering magical spells including Mighty Success and Calamitous Failures
  • Sample Spellcaster Archetypes with their own descriptions and spell lists. Cleric/Paladin, Druid/Shaman, Wizard/Mage, and Telepath/Psionicist are all featured.
  • Rules for magical specialties for spellcasters to focus on with 22 sample specialties
  • A new and updated spell list of over 140 spells, each with their own special ability gained upon mastery.
  • Rules for “Sword-Casters”; new type of Dueling Style incorporating magic spells with fighting maneuvers. Includes 11 sample Sword-Caster styles.
  • Rules for magic items and magic item creation including magical scrolls and potions infused with the power of spells.
  • Over 75 sample enchanted items and 5 sample cursed items.
  • A bevy of other options including characters with multiple spellcaster types, suggestions for adapting a campaign for space, improvised magic, and more.
  • A dozen sample magical Heroes or Villains to quickly introduce into your campaign.
  • A sample bestiary with 13 sample creatures not previously featured in Honor + Intrigue products to expand options of creatures that can be animated or magically bound.
  • A complete spell list by spell level including page numbers and hyperlinks for easy navigation
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