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Anyone built Venom?

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Anyone built Venom?

Post by bigsteveuk »

Hi Guys,

I am interested to see if anyone has a venom build?


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All-Father of Bash!
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Post by BASHMAN »

I don't think I have seen one, come to think of it! There are a lot of fan-builds around the internet, and I haven't seen that one.

But if I were going to build Venom, I'd start out with Spider-Man's build, then increase Brawn to 4. He'd have the same basic powers, minus the "Spidey Sense" but he'd also have an Immunity to Peter Parker's. I might give him Special Attack to represent claws and teeth as well. He might have "Sense X" with X being Parker.

On the downside, he also has a Weakness to Fire and Sonics.

As for Ads and Disads, he'd have Instant Change and also Susceptibility to loud noise.

Mental Malfunction would be a need for 'revenge' on Peter Parker / Spider-Man combined with a twisted morality that won't allow him to harm "the innocent".
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Re: Anyone built Venom?

Post by naloth »

I'd do the movie version something like:

Venom, Lethal Protector (movie version v1)
Brawn 3 (lift ~10 tons)
Agility 2 (augmented to human max by symbiote)
Mind 1 (not overly bright, even if he's good at digging)

Negating Exposure: Sonics / Loud Noise [-2]
Vulnerability: Fire [-2]

- Healing 3 (given a bit to rest, he seems to heal up) [3]
- Skillful 1 [1]
- Special Attack +1 DM hit (x3 total) & +1 DM dmg (x4 total) [2]
- Stretching 2 (20' reach) [2]
- Swinging (8 squares per panel) [2]

Instant Change
On the Run

Athletics/Acrobatics x2 (1 slot)
Driving x2 (1 slot)
Investigation x3 (3 slots)

12 stats - 4 weakness + 10 powers = 18 points.

For the comic version, I'd add:
- Conjure 2: Outfits, simple objects, limit: no moving parts or chemical creations. [1]
- Heightened (Brawn) [1]
- Immobilization 4: Web up target (x3 hit, 30 Immobilization) [4]
- Immunity: Spider Sense [1]
which adds 7 more points in powers.
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