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Project 365 Villains and Vigilantes day 5

Your heroes, villains, vehicles, and HQs
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Project 365 Villains and Vigilantes day 5

Post by kn_runner »

What Project 365? Well, I decided to take on the challenge of put out one new character conversion each day for the next year. Crazy uh? I decided to start my project with the characters of famed Villains & Vigilantes RPG. As there is so much material, where to start? I choice the Great Bridge, in which the villains of Japan are offered up to serve a new opponents for your heroes to battle.


B 4 A 2 M 1


Dragon Form
Claws and Fangs [Weapons Techinque +1 to hit/Dmg, x5Dmg] 2pts
Wings [Flight 1] 1pt
Hide [Armor 3] 3pts
Flame Breath [Special Attack 3, mid cone, x4Dmg] 5pts
Large [Growth 1, +5 to soak dmg, and brawn rolls, +1 to brawn vs knock back, -1 defense] 1pt

Mental Malfunction-
Until she finds a way home might as well have some fun
Instant Change, Fearless

Outsider, Normal [when not in Dragon form]

Priority x2
Move Run 6sqs Jumping 16sqs Flying 5sqs
Soak x4+5
Defense x1
Mental Defense x1

Stats 14 + powers 11 = 25

Origin & Background: Kumagi is just your average, ordinary girl,
from an alternate dimension.What little Department-88 has been able to glean from interviewing captured villains tells us that Miss Kumagi was born from a dragon-prince father and a human-princess mother.
While her dragon form is her natural state, she can take either form, which in her mind serves only to double her wardrobe. It seems she arrived on our world when she was tricked by her wicked cousin into drinking a potion which teleported her to our dimension.
Now Kumagi, who is almost always in human form, wanders about
aimlessly in an attempt to find a way back to her home dimension,
committing crimes when the mood or need strikes her. Unfortunately, she tends to take her many frustrations out on anyone, or anything around her. Further complicating matters is Kumagi’s high mobility which has foiled countless attempts to keep her under surveillance.
It is likely that the Department’s best course of action is to locate Kumagi’s home dimension and find a way to send her back.

Combat Tactics/M.O.: Kumagi will change to dragon-form as soon
as she perceives a threat. She will then use every power in her * to reduce the threat to a smoldering heap. Subtlety is really not her specialty, and she is not at all bothered by killing opponents or bystanders. She has been known to lift vehicles high into the air and drop them onto her opponents without regard to non-combatants on the ground or in the vehicle itself.

Personality/Character Traits: Kumagi is emotionally underdeveloped for her age and can tend to act like a spoiled brat princess. When she wants something she simply takes it. If defeated, she will wait for an opportunity to exact her revenge. She seldom remains in one area for very long, as she tends to wear out her welcome fairly quickly.

Sadly, if Kumagi would simply stop fighting everyone whenever she
comes in contact with Department agents or local Vigilantes, it is likely that she would be home by now.
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