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AP 16: Spellcraft

Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2021 6:26 pm
by OmegaCrusader
As I mentioned in another thread, I had just picked up AP 16 recently and really liked the Spellcraft revision from the Grimoire of Magic.

I was thinking, at the World Class and Cosmic Level, it'd be cool to have a Wizard or Sorcerer Supreme type character but with Spellcraft taken multiple times. Essentially he'd have multiple spell books devoted to different magics. I was thinking partly with the colleges from the Grimoire in mind. Like a 10 Point Spell Book devoted to Nature or Fire or Shadow. Or create your own with a character having one spell book for summoning spells, one for elements or one for illusions etc.

And if you wanted to make a hero of lower CP and are playing perhaps a straight fantasy or even urban fantasy, as he grows in strength he could "gain" more spell books. Or it could be items he "creates" like his staff, a crystal ball, or whatnot with the spells "stored" inside.

Or heck, at character creation, create like five spell books or talismans etc., give them a limitation like easily taken, and allow the character to choose to swap them out at the beginning of an issue or something. I think something like this was mentioned somewhere...perhaps in the grimoire, but needless to say AP 16 really got my brain going. It's wicked cool.

Re: AP 16: Spellcraft

Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2021 3:45 pm
by MrJupiter
I hadn't thought of the idea of having multiple, separate Spellcraft powers (as represented by being in possession of more than one arcane spellbook). Previously, I might have given a spell caster the Grimoire advantage and let them tailor the various spells they have available for each game session (and allowing improvisation of a new spell, on the spot, using a Hero Die and by quickly consulting their magic book).

Having a small number of unique Spellcraft books (or tattoo sets, etc) representing separate powers doesn't seem outlandish either. After all, a player only has so many Character Points to buy powers and attribute levels and the power itself only bestows a limited number of uses per day. This kind of character is just a very specialized form of hero. "I am Kallam, Master of the Five Tomes of Power!"

Re: AP 16: Spellcraft

Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2021 3:33 pm
I would have to think about it more to make any sort of "official" stance on this-- but if you want to test this out and let us know how it goes, I am curious about the results.