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Converting from Mutants & Masterminds to BASH

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Converting from Mutants & Masterminds to BASH

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The Following is a Quick-and-Dirty set of rules for converting Mutants & Mastermind characters (2nd edition) into Basic Action Super Heroes terms. It can also be used the other way around of course:

Attributes: BASH Stats correspond as follows:
-Str and Con are Brawn
-Dex is Agility
-Int, Wis and Cha are Mind
Use this table to convert the Scores:
1-9 = 0
10-11 = 1
12-25 = 2
26-29 = 3
30+ = 4
40+ = 5
50+ = 6
If after conversion, the Stats don’t match (for example, you end up with Brawn 3 from Str and Brawn 2 from Con) assign the lower score and give the character an appropriate Boost Power to make up the difference (in this case, Boost 1 (Brawn, Only for strength feats).
Note: Stats of 6 require the character to have the Powers of Cosmic Might (for Brawn), Cosmic Grace (for Agility) or Cosmic Thought (for Mind) respectively.
Non-Existing Attributes: No Str, No Dex and No Con are forms of the Physically Challenged Disadvantage (No Con also grants the Unliving Advantage). No Int, No Wisdom or No Charisma are the Non-Sentient Disadvantage.
Saving Throws: If these were raised from their defaults with points, give the character the following Powers, at 1 level for every 5 bonus:
-Toughness: Boost (Soak Rolls)
-Fortitude: Boost (Brawn Checks)
-Reflex: Boost (Agility checks)
-Will (Boost (Mind Checks)
Skills: In BASH, all Skills have a “Base” Skill and at least one Specialty, so every M&M must be given one or the other.
Skill Ranks: Each Skill has 1 Skill Slot for every 5 Skill Ranks, rounding down (minimum 1). As a default, BASH characters get 1 Slot per point of Agility (for Physical Skills) and 1 Slot per point of Mind; if this aren't enough, give the character levels in the Skillful Power to make up the difference.
Feats: These are Advantages, except for Combat Feats- those correspond more closely to Intense Training Powers.
Powers: M&M Powers tend to be more complex than in BASH; you may require 2 or more Powers to cover their effects.
-Power Ranks: Divide the number of ranks by 4 (round down, minimum 1 except for Special Attacks and Push, those can be 0) However, many BASH Powers have fixed levels (Memory Tampering is always 5 for example). Others have benchmarks (size, speed etc.) In those cases use the level that provides the closest equivalent.
Note: When converting into a BASH Cosmic Power, multiply by 5 (after division)to find the Power’s Level.
-Power Feats and Extras are Enhancements.
-Flaws are Limitations.
-Arrays are Multipowers.
Combat: For every 4 points of Attack Bonus give the character 1 level of Boost (Agility, only for Attacks, minimum 1). For every 4 points of Defense Bonus give the character 1 level of Boost (Agility, only for Defense, minimum 1).
Drawbacks: These are either Weaknesses, Disadvantages or Limitations, based on the description.
Compulsions: These are Disadvantages.
Characteristics: Some of these *may* be Disadvantages, depending on their severity:
-Age: if the character is younger than 18, it has the Age (Young) Disadvantage. If it is over 50, it has the Age (Old) Disadvantage).
-Appearance: Unusual appearances may count as the Freak Disadvantage.
-In some M&M campaigns, Costumes adapted to the user’s powers must be paid with points. If the Narrator wants this in his or her campaign, it can be an Advantage.
-Alternate Identity: If only the character knows his identity, it has the Disadvantage: Secret (Identity). If his identity is known, it has the Public Id Disadvantage. (Villains with Secret Identities have the Identity Unknown To Authorities Advantage, see Crook Book #1)
-Allegiances: This is usually the Duty Disadvantage, but might be others such as Honor Bound, Moral Code (for Villains) etc. depending on the description.
-Motivations and Goals: These are the character’s Mental Malfunction.

Other Bash Traits
Hits: Heroes and Villains have 100 Hits. Supporting Characters and Creatures are Minions and have 10-50 Hits (except large creatures such as dinosaurs, those get up to 100).
Equipment: Gear provided by the Equipment Feat (not the Device Power- those are Powers with Gadget modifiers) should use the stats for their closest BASH equivalent. Note these have no point cost but sometimes require special Advantages for the character to own them.
Point Value: After conversion, add together the point costs of all the Stats and Powers (and Advantages if the optional rule for buying Advantages is used- and I recommend it) and subtract the value of any Weaknesses (and Disadvantages, again if that rule is used.) The result is the character’s Point Value in BASH.
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