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Optional Rule: Expanded Money System

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Optional Rule: Expanded Money System

Post by Sijo »

BASH largely abstracts the use of money; it assumes everyone is middle class unless they have the Resources Advantage or the Destitute Disadvantage. And this does fit the comics; rarely does money matter to superheroes. But there are exceptions, and I feel the system could be expanded a little to cover them. (These rules go well with my Optional Equipment rules too.)

First, let's state what "middle class" means: the character has a place to live (probably his or her own) and can afford all basic necesities (food, water, power -in a modern setting) etc. On the adventuring side of things, they can also buy any equipment (in reasonable amounts- Narrator decides) except Restricted or Hi-Tech ones.

Let's continue on the lower end of the spectrum: I've expanded Destitute into a new Disadvantage, Poverty, which comes in two levels:

The first level is Destitute, as described in the book. The character must pay rent for his dwelling and sometimes cannot afford food or other necessities. These should be treated as either Setbacks or Subplots. You might not afford some equipment either (Narrator decides). Destitute is worth 1 Advantage (or 1 Character Point, if that rule is used.) Example: Peter Parker.

If Poverty is taken twice, the character is Homeless: You own nothing except the clothes on your back. You must make skill rolls to get anything- food, shelter, etc., at default level if you don't have the actual skills. If you fail, you suffer the consequences- falling sick, for example. The Narrator determines when and what happens. You cannot afford any equipment. Homeless is worth 2 Advantages or 2 Character Points. Example: Bruce Banner.

And now for the upper range: I have replaced Resources with a new Advantage, Wealth, that also comes in two levels.

Rich: Like middle class, but better: You live in luxury, everything from your home to your car to your food is fancy. You can afford any equipment except hi-tech devices. Rich costs 1 Disadvantage or 1 Character Point. Example: Bruce Wayne.

If Wealth is taken twice, you're a Millionaire. You can buy pretty much anything in the campaign including Hi-Tech devices. Millionaire costs 2 Disadvantages or 2 Character Points. Example: Tony Stark.

Note: Special Equipment and Powers with the Gadget Limitation are bought with character points and are not covered by any of these Advantages or Disadvantages.

Similarly, you can have Advantages that represent possessions (for example, Super Vehicles) at any economic level- though you must explain how the character obtained them. Maybe the character found the abandoned vehicle of a dead Super and decided to keep it for himself...
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