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Powers by Point Cost

Let's talk about the very awesome BASH!
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Powers by Point Cost

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BASH Powers by Cost
In BASH, the more points a Power costs, the more intense and/or flexible it is. Therefore it makes sense to list the most expensive Powers first. This list goes well with my Optional Power Stunts by Point Cost Rule (see after the list.)

Most Powers will be placed in the highest cost slot available (Enhancements and Limitations are not considered.) In the case of Powers with different effects at different Levels, they are listed multiple times. Note that technically Cosmic Powers have no ceiling; in their case I’m listing them by the minimum cost of their effect(s). Cosmic Powers are marked with a *.

Most Powers are from BASH Ultimate Edition. Powers from the Awesome Powers books are marked “AP”.

Cost - Powers
25 pts: Life (Create an intelligent life-form)*
20 pts- Creation (Create or Snuff Energy)*, Fate (Remove powers entirely)*, Life (Create Life-form)*
15 pts- Fate (Alter roles in the universe)*
11 pts- Gateway (2-11)
10 pts- Copycat (2-10), Teleportation (1-10), Life (Transform Life-form)*, Time & Space (10+)*, Creation (Create Matter)*, Fate (Alter powers and stats)*,
6 pts- Density Increase (2-6), Damage Field (2-6)
5 pts- Duplication (1-5), Skill Mimic (1-5), Growing (1-5), Size (1-5), Healing (1-5), Shrinking (Molecular), Size -5 (5), Stretching (1-5), Conjuring (1-5),Transmutation (1-5), Summoning (1-5), Animation (1-5), X Mastery (1-5), Invisibility (even while fighting), Mind Control, Mind Spikes (1-5), Mind Blast (1-5), Restore (2-5), Telekinesis (1-5), Continual Damage (1-5), Damage Aura (1-5), Force Field (1-5), Damage Shield (1-5), Immobilization (1-5), Immunity (1-5), Nullify (1-5), Push (1-5), Resistance (1-5), Special Attack (1-5), Weaken (1-5), Flight (1-5), Super Running (1-5), Super Speed 5 (perform skills very fast), Super Swimming (1-5), Burrowing (1-5), Scan (1-5), Super Senses (1-5), Skillful (1-5), Illusion (1-5), Cosmic Grace* (5+), Cosmic Might* (5+), Cosmic Though* (5+), Creation (Permanence)*, Fate (Add or remove an advantage or disadvantage)*, Omnipotence* (5+), Omniscience* (5+), Life (Restore Life)*
AP#1: Imbue (1-5)
AP#7: Karma Battery (1-5), Karmic Credit (1-5) Luck Pool (1-5), Reverse Fortune (1-5)
AP#8: Fast Learner (1-5 pts)
4 pts- Astral Projection, Mimic (transform only part of your body), Shape-Shifting, Memory Tampering, Shrinking (1-4), Size -1 to -4 (1-4)
AP#1: Absorption
AP#2: Energy Battery
AP#7: Curse of Unluck, Defy the Odds, Luck Storing (1-3 +1)
3 pts- Boost (1-3), Extra Limbs (1-3), Ghost Form (insubstantial), Clairvoyance (1-3), Illusion (1-3), Mind Shield (1-3), Telepath (true Telepathy), Armor (1-3), Deflect (1-3), Bouncing, Dimensional Teleportation (to any dimension), X-Ray Vision, Danger Sense, Martial Art Mastery (1-3), Super Speed 3, Invisibility (moving but not attacking), Mimic
AP#1: Trample
AP#2: Detachable Limbs (1-3)
2 pts- Changeling, Confusion (1-2), Daze, Omni-Linguist, Swinging, Attack Weak Point, Disarm Expert, Offhand Shooting, Paired Weapons, Swift Strike, Weapon Technique (1-2), Telepath (ESP), Ghost Form (partially insubstantial)
AP#7: Serendipity, Uncanny Intuition
AP#8: Gun Fu, Living Weapon, Sword Surgeon, Tenacity, Valiant Defender, Brilliant Commander
1 pt- Sense X, Omni-Reader, Suggestion, Slow, Clinging, Gliding, Hovering, Super Jump, Water Walking, Keen Senses, Dimensional Teleportation (to a single dimension), Invisible (when standing still), Telepath (Empathic), Ghost Form (semisolid)
AP#2/6: Invasive Broadcast
AP#3: Skillful Phasing
AP#8: Impossible Balance, Expert Marksman, Rapid Reload, Weapon Bind, Specialist

Optional Rule: Power Stunts by Point Cost
With this rule, a Power being imitated by a Power Stunt must be of a cost equal to or less than the Power used to emulate it; this includes any Enhancements and Limitations added. A Hero Die (and a justification accepted by the Narrator) are still required.
-A Hero is Gliding down but suddenly must fly up. He spends a Hero Die and explains that he has “caught an updraft”. He can now use Flight (at a maximum of level 1) for the rest of the scene.
-A Hero with Special Attack 3 (no Range or Area) defined as a “super punch” is surrounded by enemies. He decides to try to hit them all by striking the ground and causing a shockwave. This would be a Special Attack with a Burst Area. However because of the Enhancement, its maximum Intensity level is 2.
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