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Size question

Let's talk about the very awesome BASH!
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Unknown Quantity
Unknown Quantity
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Size question

Post by Hubric »

Hi all. This has been torturig my brain, but I can't find any other threads on it (whih leads me to think it's an obviousanswer).

How does the Size rating work? It's referred to in the vehicles section of UE, but I'm unsure how to calculate or assign a size rating to a character or object. And also the effect it has on damage and dodge.

Thanks for your help!
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Cosmic Hero
Cosmic Hero
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Post by MrJupiter »

Normal charcters are assumed to be Size 0. Characteristics for Size 1 or greater characters are found in the Growing power (on page 58 of the 2nd printing of BASH! Ultimate Edition).

The rulebook gives specific numbers (like Growing/Size of 1 means you are 10' tall and weigh 1000 lbs). These are for simplicity. A horse, which is Size 1, isn't 10 feet tall but it is about that equivalent volume and weight. A horse’s greater, relative proportion and bulk means it would get to add a +5 Result bonus to all rolls involving its Brawn (like being added to the damage of its kick or to Soak rolls when it is hit). Being a larger creature, a horse is somewhat easier to target and thus suffers a -1 Dice penalty to its Defense roll. It could ‘lift’, or more likely pull, an amount equal to half its weight (or what its Brawn score would indicate – whichever is greater).

I hope that my example of a horse was helpful in figuring out how to interpret the Size/Growing power.
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Post by kevperrine »

All this is explained under the GROWING power (as noted), it mentions that if the extra height/weight (or less for smaller creatures/vehicles/people) is permanent, since it the natural size of the thing. So rather than taking Growing with the Enhancement - Permanent, it simplifies it to say that anything that's bigger/smaller (technically) has the innate "power" SIZE that's the exact same as GROWING - only permanent.

If you look at any examples of larger/smaller animals, or vehicles, or creatures (like an Ogre, listed under Fantasy tropes) all of them have SIZE listed.

The big things I always note for Growing/Shrinking or Size to remember are:
- the Brawn Result Bonus/Penalty (for lifting, doing damage, and Soak)
- the Defense Dice Penalty/Bonus (for Agility Defense and Priority)
- the squares of space the thing takes up with the Size.
- and the Reach, which can be very helpful to remember in a battle!

Hope that helps a little more too.
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