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Some Adversaries for the Knight-Marshal

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Some Adversaries for the Knight-Marshal

Post by Baelor »

First up - The Marauders, outlaws, pirates, mercenaries and raiders of the worst sort, that prowl beyond the Edge of Commonspace: ... mmonwealth

This Datafile provides a squad of ten Marauders, one of whom is tough enough to establish his dominion over the rest as a sort of sergeant or pack leader.

Next - Rhoark, Zhar of Marauders. What would a band of lawless brigands be without a Warlord. Rhoark is ruthless enough, cunning enough, and tough enough to rise to the rank of Zhar, commanding a small fleet of Marauder ships. Of course, he is unlikely to be happy there, so expect to see more of him as he claws his way to bigger and better things. ... mmonwealth

Finally, there is Satha, a Whight Mercenary captain. Wights are a particular 'drift' of human psycher that can only survive through the consumption of raw meat or blood. In addition, they have a psychic ability that allows them to influence or control those individuals whose blood they have recently consumed. Satha could easily find her way into a Marauder band, or at least be working with them temporarily. She has her own crew though, which have a statblock on the second page of her Datafile. Give her a small or medium class ship and she could provide a prolonged distraction for a Lance of Knights-Marshal. ... mmonwealth

The Post containing the Satha Datafile also has the first real play report I have done for the Knights-Marshal of the Commonwealth. So if you have been interested in how that is going, or just want to get a better feel for the setting, check that out. I also discuss some of the powers and limitations on Marshal Law, the subset of Common Law under which the Knight-Marshal operate.
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