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[Honor + Intrigue] Quick Combat Spreadsheet

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 2:20 pm
Something I made for a game a couple weeks ago, and then realized might actually be useful to Honor + Intrigue players and GMs in general, so I decided to post it.

This is a Quick Combat Spreadsheet. What you do is plug in your Qualities and Combat Abilities. Then it will tell you what your bonus to your roll is with each maneuver. It also calculates movement speeds for those using maps and miniatures. Best of all, it fits on one single sheet of paper when you print it out. ... sheet.xlsx

There is space at the bottom for you to include your Dueling Styles and add notes about the benefits they give you in combat, and also you can write in what Mastery of any given maneuver does for you at the bottom, too.