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Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:21 am
by urbwar
Dark Horse now has the rights to the character (which bums me out, as this seemingly prevents Valiant from releasing their Solar comics via ComiXology). They did an 8 issue limited series (as well as a Free Comic Book Day issue).

The series starts with Solar having been transformed, and both coming to grips with his new found powers, as well as dealing with people who gained powers due to the event that empowered him (and others gaining powers his because he mucked with the time stream, and thus created consequences). The first 4 issues deals with one of these other empowered people, and the accidental mis-use of that power. The latter four deals splits between his confronting the people responsible for the accident that empowered him, and the story of that event itself.

Jim Shooter, who oversaw the character at Valiant, handles the story here. He does a pretty good job. I liked how even though he is now a hero, Solar (being a scientist) dislikes getting physical, and gets irritated when he has no other option.

Definitely worth picking up, as Solar is an interesting character who has been around a very long time.

Cover for issue 1: