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is the city Megapolis more "Metropolis" or "G

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is the city Megapolis more "Metropolis" or "G

Post by kevperrine »

Just wondering... Would you say BASH!'s primary city setting is it's world's "Metropolis" or "Gotham City"?

I know it is it's "own" setting and city. But it's easier (for me) to identify a comic book setting/city in context. Both Gotham and Metropolis are grand cities in the DC Universe, but both fill a different type role and style.

I'd say Gotham is more of a Chicago "second city" style setting that's a darker harder place. While Metropolis is a gleaming primary city where bad things happen but not nearly as frightening that you think all bad is gonna happen.

Just wondering which style is more in form with the original style, wish and intent of Megapolis - in how it might best be given theme when introducing it to a new group.
ESPECIALLY if the world were expanded to include OTHER major cities.

I guess what I'm asking is... What style is Megapolis, so that other locations can be different?
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