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The Power Corps! – Issue #5 – “When Powers Collide!”

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The Power Corps! – Issue #5 – “When Powers Collide!”

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The Power Corps! – Issue #5 – “When Powers Collide!”

Mythic: Game Master Emulator and Basic Action Super Heroes (BASH!)

Scene 7 – Chaos 7

~ The Power Corps have narrowed the location of the Cosmic Chaos Coalition’s headquarters to somewhere in Jamaica Town ~

Psi-Woman, Rapid Fly and Pyrowave stood on the brink of Jamaica Town.

“Okay guys, I’m going to head into Jamaica Town and try, with my Clairvoyance Power, to find out as much as I can about the Coalition’s activities or whereabouts. Wait here for me so we don’t attract attention to ourselves to early. Also, I’m expecting someone to meet us here. You’ll know him when you see him.”

Rapid Fly and Pyrowave nodded in agreement and Rapid Fly said solemnly, “Be careful,” as Psi-Woman headed into Jamaica Town.

Rapid Fly watched her move away down the sidewalk and then did a cursory check of the surrounding sidewalk and buildings.

“I wonder where Jamaica Town starts to get darker,” asked Rapid Fly looking down the street into Jamaica Town.

Pyrowave shook his head, “I donno but it can’t be far. According to the debriefing Psi-Woman gave last night she encountered the darkness as soon as she stepped foot into Jamaica Town.

Rapid Fly wrinkled his face and took a few steps down the sidewalk into Jamaica Town, “Holy…” said Rapid Fly.

Pyrowave took a few steps towards Rapid Fly and said, “Da-am!”

One step took them from the late morning sun to a dusky, shadowy street. They exchanged glances with each other and stepped back into the light.

“I don’t think there’s much doubt as to whether Dr. Null is behind this,” muttered Rapid Fly.

Just then a van pulled up to the curb next to them. Rapid Fly recognized it immediately.

“No way!” exclaimed Rapid Fly as former Power Corps member Tempest* jumped out and came over to them.

* See issue #3

“Hey, hey, how are you my man,” said Tempest shaking Rapid Fly’s hand.

“Tempest, am I glad to see you,” returned Rapid Fly. “We think we’ve located the Coalition’s hideout…Wait, how did you know we were here?”

“Psi-Woman called me, said she thought the Power Corps could use my help and that maybe you all had located the CCC’s** base of operations.”

** Cosmic Chaos Coalition

“Nice, wish I’d thought of that,” said Rapid Fly with a smirk, “but I guess that’s why she’s in charge.”

“Yeah, I saw the news,” nodded Tempest, “they got boss, bad news.”

Rapid Fly nodded grimly, “Oh, this is our newest member, Pyrowave.”

Tempest and Pyrowave exchanged a handshake.

“Boss said you guys needed more muscle and by the looks of you Pyro, they got it,” said Tempest.

Pyrowave smiled, “Yeah, they got some muscle I suppose. Just hope to perform up to Power Corps standards,” he finished.

Psi-Woman returned and joined the group of Power Corps members waiting on the corner of the sidewalk. They all turned their attention to her, hoping for news.

“Got them,” she said with a satisfied expression. “I know a street vendor in Jamaica Town, Jomo, he knows me. I was able to use my Clairvoyance Power to discern what is going on, who’s behind it and where they are. Ah, Tempest, thank you for coming,” said Psi-Woman interrupting herself, “we can use all the help we can get.”

“No problem,” nodded Tempest to Psi-Woman.

“Okay, here’s what it looks like is going on in Jamaica Town,” spoke Psi-Woman. “Dr. Null and his group moved into Jamaica Town just a few days ago. Null used his power of darkness to put Jamaica Town into a sort of dusky twilight and then threatened the residents with complete darkness and death if they were to reveal the Coalition’s presence there. The residents were too frightened to seek help and with the abduction of Shine Master by Dr. Null*** if there was a chance of even one person going to the police or the Power Corps it was extinguished with that bold move by Null.”

*** Last issue

Rapid Fly nodded, “I don’t blame them. The guys a maniac,” said rapid Fly. “Do we know, or did this Jomo know, where Dr. Null and his crew are holed up?” asked Rapid Fly eagerly.

Psi-Woman nodded, “Yes, their on the west side of Jamaica Town in an unused warehouse.”

“Well, what’s the plan?” asked Rapid Fly of Psi-Woman indicating it was her call.

Psi-Woman thought for a moment and then said, “We go in fast. We’re here to get Shine Master only. We don’t want to lose more Power Corps members when we don’t know who’s in there and we haven’t had time to work as a team. Plus, there’s no telling what Dr. Null might do to him. Best case scenario; there’s only a couple of them in there and we can take a few out and get Shine Master back, but, if there’s any hint of a major battle we concentrate on Shine Master and getting out of there.

The others nodded as they considered Psi-Woman’s words.

Tempest spoke first, “It’ll be too bad to maybe let the Coalition get away but we really don’t have much choice.”

“We’ll have our day,” said Rapid Fly.

“Let’s do this,” said the Power Corps newest member Pyrowave.

The Power Corps loaded into Tempest’s van and headed straight for the warehouse on the west side of Jamaica Town.


Tempest approached the warehouse at a moderate rate of speed, careful not to skid to a stop and screech the tires and double-parked just outside it. He threw the van into neutral as the van door slid open and the Power Corps jumped out and ran towards the warehouses double-doors.

“You take the doors Pyrowave!” said Psi-Woman. “Tempest, go Ghost Form and see if you can locate Shine Master.”

Tempest’s body became faint and moved through the outer wall of the warehouse as Pyrowave smashed into the front doors. The doors gave a little and Pyrowave thought they may not give but the wood couldn’t hold out against his strength and burst open sending wood and fragments of the lock flying. Rapid Fly and Psi-Woman came charging through the opening behind Pyrowave.

(Question – Do the Power Corps take the Cosmic Chaos Coalition by surprise? Likely – Yes!)

As the Power Corps burst into the large open warehouse they spotted a small table just to their right near a stairway leading upstairs. At the table were three thugs who jumped back out of their chairs in surprise. Pyrowave moved towards the closest thug and rammed him in the chest sending him flying back into the warehouse where he landed and was knocked out cold.

Rapid Fly headed around the opposite side of the table from Pyrowave and attempted to tackle the thug over there. He got his arms around him and brought him to the ground with a “THuMP!”

Psi-Woman took aim with her Mind Fry Power and sent a jolt towards the third thug and sent him staggering back almost into the wall further back in the warehouse.

Meanwhile, Tempest, in Ghost Form, moved further into the warehouse searching for Shine Master.

(Question – Will Tempest continue searching for Shine Master on the 1st floor (or move up to the 2nd floor)? 50/50 – Yes, he’s continuing his search on the 1st floor of the warehouse.)

Up above the Power Corps on the 2nd floor, unbeknownst to them, Dr. Null and Sightia jumped up from their chairs in Dr. Null’s office.

(Question – Along with Sightia will Dr. Null send Mortirot to see what the disturbance is (or will he go himself)? Very Likely – Extreme Yes, they all head to the 1st floor.)

Dr. Null ordered, “Sightia and Mortirot, come with me!” and they headed for the stairway leading to the 1st floor of the warehouse. Dr. Null got to the bottom of the stairs first and took in the situation.

“The Power Corps!” said Dr. Null with a sneer, “You’ve made a grave mistake, literally.” Dr. Null felt the power of his Nullifier beam well up inside him and noticing the newest member of the Power Corps, the hulking Pyrowave, he let loose the black, viscous energy-beam. The beam caught Pyrowave in the back but he flexed his bulging muscles and shrugged it off.

Sightia was right on Dr. Nulls heels coming down the stairs. As Dr. Null had sent his Nullifier beam at the muscular Power Corps member she spotted Psi-Woman standing just inside the warehouse doors. She remembered the mental blow to her head from the women**** and with her Control Wind power sent a gust at her. The gust of wind hit Psi-Woman but she turned dexterously without losing her footing and it past her.

****Issue #1

Rapid Fly had the thug in his arms held tight and attempted to pummel him with whatever he could, fists, elbows, knees and smacked the thug good but not enough to take him out of the fight.

The thug that Psi-Woman had hit with her Mind Fry Power and that had staggered back almost into the warehouse wall regained his footing and surveyed the scene in front of him.

(Question – Will the thug, who is actually Animalo, be able to transform into his hybrid form (or will his recent troubles controlling his power prevent him? 50/50 – Yes)

The thug paused and before the Power Corps eyes became a giant man-bear. He charged Pyrowave, towering over him, but the wide-shouldered Pyrowave shrugged him off.

“It’s Animalo!” shouted Pyrowave to the others and attempted a bear-hug on the man-bear Animalo but could not get close enough as Animalo’s claws raked through the air in front of him.

Mortirot sprang down the stairs nimbly behind Dr. Null and Sightia but when they stopped he had to jump off the stairwell to get to the fight, landing just behind the wrestling Rapid Fly and thug. Mortirot aimed a devastating blow at Rapid Fly’s back with his fist but in the midst of the wrestling pair he missed Rapid Fly and hit the thug instead. The thug exhaled as the blow knocked the wind out of him and he went down. Mortirot wailed in anger.

Psi-Woman took in the scene, it wasn’t good. Dr. Null, Sightia, Animalo and Mortirot were all here as well as some of Dr. Nulls lackeys and still no sign of Shine Master. She tried to decide on who the best target would be for her Mind Fry power but with so many dangerous targets chose Animalo who had already taken a serious hit from her. She focused her mind on Animalo but somehow he resisted her this time and now her energy was spent.

Tempest, in his Ghost Form, moved further into the warehouse past some large wooden crates. In the back of the warehouse parked just inside the loading dock was a box-truck. Maybe they were keeping Shine Master in there and he walked through the back of the trucks box to have a look. Two thugs at a table behind some crates at this end of the warehouse opened fire on him but in his Ghost Form he could not be harmed by such an attack. As he entered the back of the truck he discovered nothing, just an empty truck.

The two thugs in the back of the warehouse had jumped up at the sound of the fighting from the front of the warehouse. They were headed in that direction when the ghostly form of Tempest appeared and the lowered their AK-47’s at him and fired away but the bullets just passed through him.

Dr. Null focused his attention on Psi-Woman instead of Pyrowave and sent a blast of his Nullifier beam at her but Psi-Woman remarkably avoided his attack.

Sightia figured Mortirot could handle Rapid Fly and she didn’t want any part of the huge new Power Corps member (Pyrowave), which left Psi-Woman who Dr. Null seemed concerned about. She launched herself into the air and flew directly at Psi-Woman with her shoulder lowered but Psi-Woman dodged her attack as well!

Rapid Fly watched the thug he was wrestling fall to the ground from Mortirot’s blow meant for him. Mortirot was a power villain and Rapid Fly was hesitant to engage him but he had no choice. Maybe he could distract him until the others could help out. Rapid Fly decided to use his favorite, and maybe only, tactic. He threw himself at Mortirot and tried to get a hold on him but Mortirot was entirely too quick and easily avoided him.

Animalo wanted revenge on Psi-Woman for the Mind Fry blast that had sent him staggering back into the warehouse but Dr. Null and Sightia were engaging her and the little giant who seemed to be a new member of the Power Corps was headed his way. He decided to take the fight to him…

(Question – Will Animalo’s inability to control his shape-shifting power cause him to change back into a human? 50/50 – Yes!)

Animalo roared looking to charge the oncoming Pyrowave when all of a sudden the bear-man hesitated and with a blink of confusion yelled out, “Noooo,” as his body changed back to its human form. Animalo thought fast and decided if he couldn’t shape-shift into his giant hybrid-bear form then he would try the opposite and used his Shrinking power to reduce himself to a little man about a foot and half tall and began zig-zagging back and forth.

Pyrowave slowed mid-charge at the former Animalo, now being faced by this…micro-man. He wasn’t quite sure what to do but a good wallop seemed like a sound idea and he tried clapping his hands together with the Animalo in-between but the little man was way, way to quick and easily avoided him.

Mortirot laughed at Rapid Fly’s miserable attempt to grapple him and let loose with his Body Rot power as is skin oozed and spores leapt from his un-living body towards Rapid Fly who ducked out of the way of the deadly spores.

Psi-Woman had Dr. Null to her right and Sightia on her left. She needed to move and fast! She took off towards Pyrowave and Animalo who were up ahead of her and to the left. “I’ll take Animalo Pyrowave! Try and hold off the others!” she said breathlessly.

Meanwhile Tempest, at the back of the warehouse and still in the back of the trucks box, decided to try his luck on the 2nd floor of the warehouse. He had seen a stairway in the back left corner of the warehouse and moved through the rest of the truck in Ghost Form and made for the stairs. At the top of the stairs he stepped out onto the 2nd floor. It was a large open space except for what looked like some offices at the other end of the warehouse towards the front. In the middle of the open space was a Jet-Car. “Maybe there,” he thought to himself looking towards the offices, “is where I’ll find Shine Master?”

The thugs in the back of the warehouse had watched Tempest disappear through the back of the box truck and without a word to each other decided they didn’t want any part of a Power Corps member who was immune to their AK-47’s. They moved towards the front of the warehouse but still kept their distance just in case, it was the Power Corps after all. They opened fire on the only open target, Pyrowave. The first thug missed entirely sending a spray of fire over Pyrowave’s head but the second thugs AK-47 caught him in the shoulder, sending him reeling backwards.

“Give up Power Corps!” shouted Dr. Null with a fist raised up in the air, “or you will all die!”

“Not likely!” exclaimed Rapid Fly.

“Never!” said Psi-Woman.

“Power Corps!!!” boomed Pyrowave.

Dr. Null focused his Nullifier beam now on the insolent Pyrowave and Psi-Woman, “Then die!” he finished. He took a few steps forward and a black, viscous energy-beam headed straight for Pyrowave and Psi-Woman. Pyrowave tried to maneuver out of the way but the bullet wound to his shoulder slowed him and the beam hit him dead on, Pyrowave’s massive bulk seemed to absorb most of it. Psi-Woman again managed to avoid Dr. Null’s Nullifier beam.

Sightia was confused by Animalo’s odd behavior. He normally always fought in his hybrid bear form but now he had resumed his human form and used his Shrinking power to reduce himself to only a foot or two tall. “Was Animalo afraid of the Power Corps newest member, he was * big after all,” she thought. If Animalo wasn’t having anything to do with the little giant than neither was she and Psi-Woman was to close to their new member to offer a safe place to take Psi-Woman on one-on-one. She took flight and zoomed towards Rapid Fly again lowering her shoulder in an attempt to ram him from the air. Rapid Fly almost dodged her, almost, but she caught his body with her lowered shoulder and rammed him good. Rapid Fly was spun around but managed to regain his footing.

Rapid Fly groaned, now he not only had Mortirot to deal with but the airborne Sightia too and Dr. Null himself was only a few feet away. “This is grim,” he thought to himself with an inner chuckle, “very grim.” He launched himself at Mortirot once more. Rapid Fly connected but Mortirot bullied his way out of the attempted hold. Rapid fly hoped someone noticed his predicament.

(Question – Does Animalo’s inability to control his shape-shifting power cause him to revert to his bear-form? 50/50 – Yes!)

All of a sudden the shrunken Animalo began to change and grow until once again he was in his hybrid bear form. He roared in delight while the Power Corps members around him, Pyrowave and Psi-Woman, had an uncomfortable look on their faces. Animalo swung a giant-clawed bear paw at Pyrowave and scored a vicious hit, raking his claws across Pyrowave’s body.

“Argh!,” yelled Pyrowave as the blow caught his chest. He jumped forward and wrapped Animalo in his giant arms, squeezing with everything he had. Animalo bellowed and fought but Pyrowave held on.

Psi-Woman saw the opening, Animalo being held by Pyrowave, and quickly decided that taking out one of the Cosmic Chaos Coalition would greatly increase their odds, hopefully Rapid Fly could hold his own. Psi-Woman concentrated on Animalo with her Mind Fry power and blasted him. Animalo roared in agony as a fire seemed to explode inside his head.

Upstairs Tempest continued his search for Shine Master and began moving across the middle of the open space in front of him towards the offices.

The two thugs from the back of the warehouse maintained their positions of relative safety and again took aim at Psi-Woman, their only open target and fired simultaneously. The first thug’s barrage of bullets managed to graze Psi-Woman while the second thug missed entirely.

Dr. Null didn’t like the direction this battle was going in. He felt his Cosmic Chaos Coalition was far superior to the Power Corps. If only those * fools could hit anything with their Ak-47’s. The battle was teetering on the edge of going either way. He had to sway the fight his way or be defeated by, what he felt, an infinitely lucky Power Corps team. “Mortirot, contain those two,” he said indicating Pyrowave and Psi-Woman, “at any cost. Animalo is finished anyways.” Mortirot nodded his head in un-living understanding.

Sightia, several feet above the warehouse in Flight, sent a gust of wind, using her Control Wind power, at Rapid Fly but he was more than agile enough to stay afoot.

“I hate to hit a girl,” said rapid Fly, ‘but you deserve it,” and he launched himself up at Sightia but he missed wildly.

“Silly boy,” said Sightia waggling a finger at him.

Animalo tried to break Pyrowave’s hold on him but the little giant was far stronger and held him tight.

Mortirot moved past Rapid Fly and Sightia and closed in on Pyrowave and Psi-Woman. He chose Psi-Woman and unleashed his Body Rot power on her and hit her hard from behind. Psi-Woman screamed as Mortirot’s Body Rot spores popped all over her body and her clothes and exposed skin began to be eaten away.

(Question – Will Pyrowave’s hidden power, “Pyrowave,” manifest itself? 50/50 – YES!)

Pyrowave was about to throw a big-fisted punch into Animalo’s side when a sudden intense burst of intense heat emanated outwards from around him in waves. Animalo, Psi-Woman, the two thugs, Mortirot and even Dr. Null were engulfed in the waves of fiery heat. Psi-Woman, the thugs and Dr. Null cried out as the heat scorched them. Pyrowave stood holding onto Animalo in disbelief.

Psi-Woman was shocked, what had the Power Corps newest member just done and without regard, seemingly, to other Power Corps members around him? This changed things…and she tried to think of what to do.

Back upstairs Tempest moved through a wall and into an office. Lo and behold! It was Shine Master tied to a chair and looking rather groggy. “Shine Master!” exclaimed Tempest. Shine Master’s head lolled to look over at Tempest, Shine Master’s expression vague and listless. “Drugged,” said Tempest and shook his head, “what to do?”

The two thugs were seriously concerned with whatever had just happened to burn them. It seemed to come from the little giant member of the Power Corps but they couldn’t fire at him since he was holding onto Animalo. They kept their AK-47’s trained on Psi-Woman and fired away. They continued to litter the wall behind Psi-Woman with bullets but none touched her, the burning wave of fire having rattled their senses.

Dr. Null hadn’t expected that fiery attack in a million years. Who was this new Power Corps member!? Doubt began creeping into his mind, plus he was nearly spent of energy, and he made no move but to watch and see which way the tide of battle would turn!

Sightia flew up into the warehouse above Rapid Fly, just out of his reach, and hit him again with her Control Wind power but once again Rapid Fly was able to deftly keep his balance.

Rapid Fly turned his attention to Mortirot since Sightia was out of reach and he had no power of flight. He took a few quick steps and tried to catch Mortirot unawares from behind. The un-living Mortirot heard, however, and dodged Rapid Fly easily.

Animalo, still being held by Pyrowave, tried to break his hold but for all his twisting and turning he could not break Pyrowave’s grip.

Pyrowave squeezed Animalo as hard as he could, his giant muscles bulged, and the sound of a rib bone or two snapping loudly was heard. Animalo’s eyes rolled back into his head and he slumped to the floor. Pyrowave’s odd fiery attack from moments ago also continued to burn those hit by it and the two thugs dropped to the ground where they stood, Psi-Woman groaned as she too felt the fiery burn, and Dr. Null sucked in a breath as he too was scorched.

Psi-Woman breathed in short quick gasps. “At least Animalo is down,” she thought to herself clenching her teeth against the continual burning from Pyrowave’s attack, “and all the bad guys are on one side of us now instead of two.” She glanced at her teammates; Pyrowave looked messed up, Rapid Fly seemed to be in good shape while she herself was also pretty badly off. She had no idea where Tempest was but hoped he found Shine Master soon because she didn’t know how much longer they could hold out.

Psi-Woman scanned the Cosmic Chaos Coalition in front of her; Mortirot was unharmed as was Sightia, Dr. Null seemed only lightly wounded though he leaned heavily on the stairway railing next to him. Dr. Null was biding his time or something else, she didn’t know what, but she was suspicious. Pyrowave was to far away to attack Dr. Null so it was up to her. Pyrowave would have to try his hand with Mortirot. Psi-Woman closed the gap a bit between her and Dr. Null and let loose her Mind Fry power and a blast of mental energy headed straight at him. The blast hit Dr. Null and he came within a hair of resisting her mental attack but her power overcame him.

“AHhhhh!” roared Dr. Null, the feeling of fire inside his head.

Back upstairs again Tempest took in the situation; Shine Master tied to the chair, him short on time and nothing handy to cut the binding rope with. He decided on an unorthodox plan. He picked up the chair with Shine Master in it, groaning a little, and teetered towards the office windows where he let his momentum carry him and Shine Master through the glass and out into the open street air. Tempest activated his Control Air power and a strong updraft checked their fall, not fully though as they landed with a “CRaSH!” as the chair broke and an “uMPH!” as they hit the pavement.

Dr. Null knew it was time. He had over-exerted himself earlier in the fight to use his Nullifier power and now he was on the brink of consciousness. Animalo was down and even though Mortirot and Sightia were fine he was more concerned about his own escape now. He summoned his troops, “Sightia,” he ordered, “collect our prize.” (meaning Shine Master) Mortirot come, to the Jet-Car!” With that he started back up the stairs to the 2nd floor.

Sightia took off fluing up the stair and into Dr. Null’s office. Through the open door leading into the other office where the kept Shine Master she couldn’t see him where he had originally been tied to the chair…

Rapid Fly heard Dr. Null’s orders to the other Cosmic Chaos Coalition members and watched Sightia take off. They hadn’t heard from Tempest so he must not have found Shine Master yet. Rapid Fly had no idea what to do next but he knew they couldn’t desert Shine Master so he took off up the stairs after Sightia and Dr. Null. Rapid Foy caught up with Dr. Null at the top of the stairs leading to the second floor and he threw himself at the evil villain and tackled him.

Pyrowave’s fiery wave continued to assault those who had been burned by him when the power first issued forth moments ago and Psi-Woman staggered as the burning scorched her. Dr. Null, lying on the top of the stairs under Rapid Fly felt the same scorching burn as Psi-Woman and lost consciousness. Pyrowave, with only Mortirot in sight, charged but Mortirot was too agile and side-stepped Pyrowave’s charge.

Mortirot didn’t even bother with Pyrowave, and following Dr. Null’s orders headed for and up the stairs to the 2nd floor where he came across Rapid Fly pinning down an unconscious Dr. Null. Mortirot drove his fists down onto Rapid Fly with an eerily un-living wail but the nimble Rapid Fly rolled out of the way. In the meantime Mortirot’s Body Rot power continued to affect Psi-Woman and she

Psi-Woman, despite the feeling of burning all over her body from Pyrowave’s attack and the flesh-eating disease of Mortirot, took off after Pyrowave towards the stairs leading to the 2nd floor.

Tempest, out on the sidewalk now with Shine Master still tied to the chair, tapped his wrist com and yelled, “I’ve got him! I have Shine Master!” He dragged Shine Master and the chair to his double-parked van, still there God bless the NYPD, and flung open the cargo door and pushed Shine Master tied to the chair into the van.

Sightia flew into the other office where Shine Master had been tied up but could find no sign of the captured Power Corps leader. The window of the room was busted out and she put two and two together.

(Question – Will Sightia continue pursuing Shine Master (or head to the Jet-Car to escape)? 50/50 – Yes, she’ll go after Shine Master.)

Sightia made up her mind and flew out the broken window and down towards Tempest who was pushing the chair-tied Shine Master into a van. She put on a burst of Flight speed and headed for Tempest, hoping to ram into him, but he caught her shadow and moved in the nick of time.

Rapid Fly let go of the limp Dr. Null and turned to face Mortirot who was just behind him. He had heard Tempest’s call that he had Shine Master and knew he was no challenge for Mortirot. Rapid Fly jumped up and onto the railing running beside the stair and began sliding down it, past the surprised Mortirot, towards the 1st floor. Just beyond Mortirot was Psi-Woman and she looked like death. He rolled off the stairway railing and grabbed her, motioning down the stairs to the 1st floor.

Pyrowave ran to the bottom of the stairs and looked up. Rapid Fly was there holding onto a listless Psi-Woman.

“The van!” yelled Rapid Fly.

Pyrowave turned and headed for the front doors.

Mortirot ignored the retreating Power Corps and instead climbed the rest of the stairs to the 2nd floor and picked up the unconscious Dr. Null. He moved towards the Jet-Car in the center of the warehouse but had no intention of stopping there. The only one who could pilot the Jet-Car were Dr. Null and Sightia and Dr. Null was incapable and Sightia was no where to be seen.

Psi-Woman held onto Rapid Fly and they began making their way back downstairs and out the front doors to the awaiting van.

Tempest threw the van’s cargo door closed with Shine Master inside, went Ghost Form, and prepared for Sightia’s next attack.

Sightia watched as Tempest went into his spectral form and at the same time Psi-Woman burst out the doors of the warehouse behind her. She was over-matched and knew it. She shot back up into the broken window of the warehouse and was lost from sight.

Moments later Pyrowave and Rapid Fly ran out the warehouse’s front doors and joined Tempest and Psi-Woman in the van. As the van tore off a Jet-Car shot into the sky above the warehouse and disappeared from sight.

“This is Luella Cunningham with Metro Live 5 with breaking news! The Power Corps today assaulted the secret hideout of the Cosmic Chaos Coalition located in Jamaica Town and saved their abducted Power Corps team leader, Shine Master. NYPD responding to the scene were able to place the super-villain known as “Animalo” in custody.
While NYPD was able to capture Animalo the Power Corps were unable to apprehend ANY of the other Cosmic Chaos Coalition members and they remain on the loose.
“Simply terrifying...”
“That’s it for the Metro Live 5-Minutes on Channel 5 WCBN. I’m Luella Cunningham, back to you in the studio, Liz and Mike.”

-Next Issue-

You’ve seen double-sized issues and giant-sized issues, well, prepare yourself for a half-size issue with Power Corps #6 “Revelations!”

NPC List
1. Sightia.
2. Jamaica Town
3. Animalo
4. Mortirot
5. Doctor Null
6. Shine Master
7. Rapid Fly
8. Psi-Woman
9. Pyrowave
10. Agent Trenton Harrington

Thread’s List
1. Doctor Null and Shine Master are arch-enemies?
2. Defeating the C.C.C. (Cosmic Chaos Coalition)

Chaos Factor
Going to 6 with the rescue of Shine Master and near defeat of the Cosmic Chaos Coalition.

~ Cosmic Chaos Coalition Spotlight ~

Code Name – Dr. Null
Identity – Unknown
Brawn – 1
Agility – 3
Mind – 3
Immunity (darkness) 1
Special Attack – Nullifier Beam – range 10, radius 10, +1 Atk and +1 DM 5
Summon X (darkness) 3
Super-Vehicle Jet-Car
Disadvantage – Enemy (Shine Master)
Pilot – Jet-Car
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