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The Power Corps! – Issue #4 – “The Heat is on!”

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The Power Corps! – Issue #4 – “The Heat is on!”

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The Power Corps! – Issue #4 – “The Heat is on!”

Mythic: Game Master Emulator and Basic Action Super Heroes (BASH!)

Scene 5 – Chaos 6

~ The Power Corps split up to search the city for the Cosmic Chaos Coalition’s hideout. ~

(Scene Interrupted – Event Focus: NPC Action (Dr. Null)/ Event Meaning – Divide Goals – I’m going to interpret this as Dr. Null has divided the Cosmic Chaos Coalition into two groups, each to carry out a specific order, Dr. Null and Sightia (Girl Intruder) will try to eliminate Dr. Null’s arch-enemy Shine Master while Animalo and Mortirot will continue their robberies for Cosmic Chaos Coalition funds.)

(Question – Does the Interrupt Scene involve Dr. Null and Sightia going after Shine Master? (or Animalo and Mortirot’s robbery efforts) 50/50 – Yes, it’s Dr. Null and Sightia.)

(Question – Does Shine Master have the Power Corps newest member with him when he’s attacked by Dr. Null and Sightia? 50/50 – Extreme No)

The Power Corps, having no new leads or clues as to the whereabouts of the Cosmic Chaos Coalition, decided to split up and search the city. Rapid Fly was going back to the 1st National Bank where the robbery took place* to have another look around, Psi-Woman was headed out to where the Power Corps fought Animalo** to see if she could turn up anything and Shine Master was going to his folks place in New Jersey.

* See issue #1
** See issue #2

Shine Master arrived in Weehawken, NJ at the former residence of his parents who were killed sometime yesterday. He ducked under the police tape and crossed the front lawn, unlocked the front door and stepped inside. He stood there for some time with his hand still on the open door’s doorknob. Absently he let his hand slide off it without closing the door and moved further into the room his head turning slowly from side-to-side.

“Well, well,” said a voice from the next room, the kitchen, “we were beginning to wonder if you’d come to pay your respects,” and with this Dr. Null stepped into view with a woman beside him, the Girl Intruder.

“Dr. Null,” said Shine Master in a hoarse whisper, “and you?” he finished looking at the girl.

“Ah yes, I understand you’ve met my colleague, Sightia,” smiled Dr. Null evilly.

Shine Master realized the danger imminently standing before him and went into action with his Daze power at Dr. Null but Dr. Null resisted easily and laughed.

Dr. Null raised an arm and a black, viscous energy-beam shot forth, Dr. Nulls Nullifier ray, and it hit Shine Master in the side as he tried to dodge out of the way.

Sightia leapt and flew through the air towards Shine Master and rammed him with her upper body but Shine Master deflected Sightia and her blow past him.

Shine Master weighed his options and decided on charging the far more formidable Dr. Null, fueled by his intense hatred for the evil man. Shine Master closed with Dr. Null but could not find an opening to jump in and bring him down.

Dr. Null took aim at Shine Master again and a blast of his Nullifier Power hit Shine Master square in the chest and he groaned loudly as his body absorbed the beam’s nullifying power!

Sightia took this opportunity to come up behind Shine Master and attempt to wrap her arms around him, leaving him at Dr. Null’s mercy but Shine Master was ready for her to try that trick and scampered off to his right leaving both Sightia and Dr. Null in…sight.

Shine Master faked a move towards Sightia and once again made for Dr. Null but Dr. Null wasn’t having any of it and easily side-stepped Shine Master.

Dr. Null could feel his body sapped of energy from using his Nullifier power but pushed himself to gather the energy for at least one more shot and let his Nullifier Beam fly at Shine Master who threw himself out of the way just in time!

“You can not win Shine Master!” sneered Dr. Null.

“Oh yeah…watch me!” returned Shine Master as he dodged another attack from Sightia.

Shine Master felt low on energy himself but managed enough for another attempt with his Daze Power at Dr. Null who once again resisted the effects.

Dr. Null circled Shine Master but made no attack but tried to distract his attention from Sightia so she could make another attack.

Sightia noticed Shine Master’s attention was focused on Dr. Null and she took her opening jumping forward and wrapping her arms around Shine Master’s body, pinning his arms to his sides, “Gotcha!”

“Good work Sightia,” smiled Dr. Null.

Shine Master wriggled and squirmed desperately trying to free himself to no avail while Sightia squeezed him even tighter as he fought to stay conscious.

Dr. Null walked up to the constrained Shine Master, his upper lip curling in disgust, and blasted him with his Nullifier Power. Shine Master’s body went limp in Sightia’s arms and she let him fall to the floor.


Scene 6 – Chaos 6

~ Psi-Woman heads over to the area where the battle with Animalo took place looking for clues. ~

Psi-Woman started her search around Rockefeller Center not knowing exactly what to look for but she had to try. She looked around the area and spoke to a few people working in shops and vendors who were working the street corners. Some of them hadn’t seen anything. Others had seen the battle with Animalo but other than the battle and Animalo charging down the sidewalk they provided no new information.

Psi-Woman turned around and headed for the Waldorf-Astoria where they had first heard Animalo was sighted. She spoke with the doorman but other than him the area was a bustle of traffic with no room for sidewalk vendors and only a few shops across four busy lanes of traffic. She wasn’t getting anywhere and had nothing so far…”wait,” she thought to herself, “if Animalo was spotted at the Waldorf first then I at least know he was moving west and south judging by where we caught up to him.”

Psi-Woman made her way back to Rockefeller Center and then proceeded west and south, as she walked she considered everything that had happened since the Power Corps first got together only a few days ago; applying for the position, being chosen for the team, making Power Corps headquarters her new home, the attack by the Girl Intruder, the Cosmic Chaos Coalition robbing 1st National Bank and Animalo rampaging through downtown Manhattan. Before she knew it she was a block away from Jamaica Town where she had grown up and cut her teeth as a super hero. She quickened her step and headed for Jamaica Town.

She had heard something in the news recently about Jamaica Town, some strange eclipse or something had taken place and only affected a portion of the city and Jamaica Town or something. She had been too busy with all that was going on with the attack by the Girl Intruder, the 1st National Bank Robbery and Animalo’s rampage to give it much thought. Some professor’s or meteorologists were looking into it or something she thought she remembered hearing. She crossed to the next block and took her first step back into Jamaica Town…

“Whoa!” she exclaimed to no one. With that step it was as if the sun had been blotted out by a cloud. Jamaica Town was dim, like it was dusk or early dawn. She stepped backwards, light as an afternoon should, and then stepped forward again. “Whoa…” she exclaimed again. It was the same thing, like the sun was blotted out by thick, dark clouds.

She continued through the streets of Jamaica Town in bewilderment. She recognized a street-corner vendor and moved towards him, the smell of * chicken in the air. “Jomo,” she said greeting the vendor.

The street vendor Jomo turned around and smiled, then oddly he kind of frowned, “Psi-Woman, it is good to see you.”

Psi-Woman wondered about the strange expression but dismissed it, she hadn’t been in Jamaica Town for a while now and he was probably surprised at her appearance. “Jomo, what do you think of this light?” she asked waving her arm to indicate the duskiness.

Jomo looked around quickly and then said, “I don’t know, I don’t know,” he finished shaking his head.

“But,” asked Psi-Woman, “when did it start? Have you heard what the cause of it is?”

“I can’t talk about it,” said Jomo in a whisper and looking nervously around he pushed his cart away down the sidewalk. He turned his head slightly as he moved off and whispered, “I’m sorry Psi-Woman.”

Psi-Woman stood there confused. Apparently he wasn’t taking this unusual situation very well but understandably she guessed. Jamaica Town was a superstitious lot. Psi-Woman watched him go and then crossed the street to the next block.

Psi-Woman moved along the street until she came across another familiar face, Tasiya, who ran a Jamaican art gallery in Jamaica Town. She was outside her gallery propping up some pieces of artwork for the tourists who would be coming through Jamaica Town today. “Tasiya!” called out Psi-Woman, “How are you?”

Tasiya looked up and smiled at Psi-Woman but her expression faltered for maybe less than a second but Psi-Woman caught it. “Nyesha! I mean…Psi-Woman, how are you?” asked Tasiya as she looked up and down the sidewalk.

Psi-Woman smiled at hearing her real name, “I’m fine Tasiya, how about you?” she asked.

Tasiya smiled slowly, “Fine too, of course…the gallery is doing well,” said Tasiya.

Psi-Woman * her head, “What about this dusky light in Jamaica Town?” said Psi-Woman.

Tasiya looked uncertain and then replied, “It’s just some unusual occurrence…that’s what the professors and meteorologists are saying right,” more a statement that a question.

Psi-Woman was disturbed, something was wrong. She didn’t like using her Clairvoyance power on friends but she didn’t know what else to do. Psi-Woman reached out and put her hand on Tasiya’s shoulder in a friendly fashion saying, “Yes, I’m sure they’ll tell us all about it when they figure it out. Images raced through Psi-Woman’s mind but she could not pull a clear picture out of Tasiya’s mind. Psi-Woman exhaled in a sigh, said her goodbyes and moved onward.


~ Back at Power Corps Headquarters. ~

Psi-Woman entered a room with a large super-computer and wall-sized screen and several desks and chairs. At one desk was Rapid Fly looking bored.

“Any luck!?” piped up Rapid Fly at Psi-Woman’s entrance.

Psi-Woman shook her head, “Nothing, and you?”

Rapid Fly shook his head back at her, “Nothing on my end either.”

“Where’s Shine Master?” asked Psi-Woman.

“I don’t know, I thought he might be with you,” replied Rapid Fly. “I’ve been trying to raise him on his wrist com but haven’t had any luck.

Psi-Woman frowned, “He should have been back by now…but”

“Yeah, considering,” said Rapid Fly quietly.***

*** The death of Shine Master’s parents last issue.

Psi-Woman sat down opposite Rapid Fly and nothing was said for a while. Finally, to break the silence, and since the thought crossed her mind Psi-Woman mentioned the current situation in Jamaica Town.

“It’s…dark?” asked Rapid Fly crinkling his brow.

“Yeah, well not dark, but like dusk or dawn. Kind of shady I guess,” she replied. “And everyone seems a bit put-off.”

“I imagine,” replied Rapid Fly with a chuckle, “I know how superstitious you are!”

Psi-Woman smiled, “Well, I suppose,” she said with a chuckle herself.

“Sounds like something Dr. Null would do,” said Rapid Fly with a smirk.

“Dr. Null, if only he could, he would,” said Psi-Woman.

Rapid Fly got serious, “Can he?”

Psi-Woman was about to laugh it off and then didn’t, “I don’t know…”

“Computer!” they almost said in unison.

A monotone voice replied to their query, “Yes Psi-Woman and Rapid Fly?”

“Give us a bio on Dr. Null,” said Rapid Fly.

“Especially anything regarding any powers of light or darkness he may have or have used in the past,” cut in Psi-Woman.

Psi-Woman stared at the huge super-computer’s wall screen as Dr. Null’s bio appeared and then skipped to snippets of battles with Dr. Null caught on cameras, cell phones, etc..

“There!” exclaimed Rapid Fly. “He does have some kind of power of darkness!”

“Yeah,” said Psi-Woman, “but it’s always just been a small area around the heroes he was fighting against. Could he darken entire blocks of a city?”

“I don’t know,” said Rapid Fly, “but I wouldn’t put it past him.”

“BZZzzz” went the Power Corps headquarters door buzzer.

“Shine Master?” suggested Rapid Fly.

“I don’t think he’d need to ring the bell Rapid,” grinned Psi-Woman.

Rapid Fly shrugged, “Maybe he lost his key.”

“And his wrist com,” thought Psi-Woman aloud.

The pair headed for the lower level and the front doors of Power Corps headquarters. When they opened them it wasn’t Shine Master standing their but a powerfully-built man, on the shorter side, with wavy hair.

“Yes?” asked Psi-Woman and Rapid Fly at the same time.

The man blinked, “Yes, agent Trenton Harrington sent me. I’m the replacement Power Corps member.”

“I’m Pyrowave.”


~ Later that night at Power Corps headquarters where three members of the Power Corps were staring up at the super-computer’s wall screen. ~

“This is Luella Cunningham with Metro Live 5 with breaking news! Dr. Null, the notorious criminal, who has master-minded more than several robberies or attacks in the Manhattan area, has appeared in a video- link sent to Channel 5 WCBN where he claims to have captured Power Corps member and leader, Shine Master!”

“Footage of a person who appears to be Shine Master from the video-link seems to back up his claim. No word yet has been released by the Power Corps but we will keep you updated as the story develops.”

“Simply terrifying...”

“That’s it for the Metro Live 5-Minutes on Channel 5 WCBN. I’m Luella Cunningham, back to you in the studio, Liz and Mike.”


-Next Issue-

The Power Corps vs. The Cosmic Chaos Coalition in “When Powers Collide!”

NPC List
1. Girl Intruder - is now known as Sightia.
2. Jamaica Town
3. Thugs (from bank robbery)
4. Animalo
5. Mortirot
6. Doctor Null
7. Shine Master
8. Rapid Fly
9. Psi-Woman
10. Pyrowave
11. Agent Trenton Harrington

Thread’s List
1. Rescue Shine Master!
2. Doctor Null and Shine Master are arch-enemies?
3. Animalo is losing control over his ability to Shapeshift
4. Taking out the CCC (Cosmic Chaos Coalition)

Chaos Factor
Going to 7 with the capture of Shine Master by the Cosmic Chaos Coalition.

~ Power Corps Spotlight ~

Code Name – Pyrowave
Identity – Unknown
Brawn – 5
Agility – 2
Mind – 1
Super Senses (heat/sight) 2
Continual Damage – “Pyrowave” radius 4, range 4
Sense X (heat)
Advantage – Gadgeteer
Disadvantage – Hidden Powers
Deception – Detect Deception
Medicine - Paramedic
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