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The Power Corps! – Issue #3 – “A Death in the Family”

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The Power Corps! – Issue #3 – “A Death in the Family”

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The Power Corps! – Issue #3 – “A Death in the Family”

Mythic: Game Master Emulator and Basic Action Super Heroes (BASH!)

Scene 3 – Chaos 6

~ The Power Corps are back at their headquarters after the fight with Animalo. ~

Shine Master announced to the rest of the Power Corps, “Conference room in twenty minutes,” and sighed.

Twenty minutes later the members of the Power Corps; Rapid Fly, Psi-Woman, Tempest and their leader, Shine Master, were assembled in the headquarters conference room.

“Everyone,” started Shine Master, “the first thing I want to say is that I’m not coming down on you guys, and girls,” nodding to Psi-Woman. “We were all kind of thrown together once we were selected for the Power Corps and we’re still trying to gel as a team.

The group nodded to Shine Master and to each other.

“But,” continued Shine Master, “we really could have suffered some heavy losses to that Girl Intruder*, and she was just a kid!” Shine Master stood and walked around behind his chair in thought. “Like I said, we’ve only been together a short time and as time goes by we will become a stronger team. In the meantime I ask you all to please be very careful and be very, very alert.

*Issue #1

Rapid Fly and Tempest exclaimed in agreement and Psi-Woman nodded solemnly.

“The other thing I wanted to mention,” said Shine Master, “was our lack of fire-power in the fight with Animalo**. Granted he didn’t harm, or even touch, any of us but like the fight with the Girl Intruder things could have gone much differently. As it was only Psi-Woman was able to generate any offense against Animalo. We’re going to need to bring some heavy-duty muscle to a fight too.”

**Last issue

“Too bad the Thing is settled in with the F.F.,” said Tempest.

“What about the Hulk?” beamed Rapid Fly.

“Too unpredictable,” said Tempest shaking his head at Rapid Fly.

“Hrm, prolly right,” replied Rapid Fly.
“Look,” interrupted Shine Master, “whoever it is we need someone. We can’t afford to have all our battles end in a draw. The media is on us about letting Animalo get away. Plus, we don’t have any idea who robbed the 1st National Bank and…”

“Wait!” spoke Rapid Fly, “we do have a clue to the robbery at 1st National. I nearly completely forgot about this when Animalo showed up,” and Rapid Fly pulled the mask the crooked-tooth woman had found in the dumpster by the bank out of his jacket.

“Where did you find it!” exclaimed Shine Master.

“Um, behind the bank in a dumpster,” finished Rapid Fly.

“Nice work rapid Fly!” congratulated Shine Master.

“Thanks” responded Rapid Fly quickly as he looked away though he did catch a strange look from Psi-Woman at him.

“Psi-Woman,” asked Shine Master, “do you think you could use your power of Clairvoyance to discern anything from this,” he said indicating the mask.

“I will try my best Shine Master, pass it over here,” she answered.

Shine Master slid the mask across the table to Psi-Woman but she did not pick it up right a way. She leaned over it and looked at it for a while, then she breathed in its smell, finally she picked it up. After a few minutes she shook her head. “I was close, it was just within my grasp or on the tip of my tongue but the vision was fleeting and I could not grasp it. I’m sorry,” she said.

Shine Master sighed heavily, “Its okay, we tried.”

“Wait Shine Master, maybe there is hair from whoever wore the mask? If so we can run it through the Crime Bank System looking for a DNA match,” said Psi-Woman. (Question – Is there any hair from the robber that wore the mask during the robbery? Likely – YES!) “Yes, I see a few strands right here inside it,” said Psi-Woman examining the mask.

They all leapt up and hurried to the headquarters super-computer. Psi-Woman placed the hair on a tray and it slid into the super-computers system.

“Computer, scan for DNA and compare for match in the CBS (Crime Bank System!),” said Psi-Woman.

A monotone voice replied, “Scanning for DNA sequence, sequence acquired, comparing to CBS… (Question – Does the DNA from the hair in the mask match any in the CBS? Likely – Yes) DNA sequence match acquired,” spoke the monotone voice again.

“YES!” exclaimed the group.

“Finally we catch a break,” smiled Rapid Fly.

“Arlie Mcintyre, 236th and Kingsbridge, Bronx, New York,” said the monotone voice.

“Lets go!” said Shine Master and off they Tempest’s sweet, sweet 2010 Chevy Van since their Micro-fly Jet was still not even remotely close to being fixed**.

**Last issue


Scene 4 – Chaos 6

~ The Power Corps head over to Arlie Mcintyre’s, suspected bank robber, apartment. ~

(Scene Interrupted – Event Focus: Move Away from a Thread (Doctor Null and Shine Master are arch-enemies?) Event Meaning – Vengeance Hope – Another tricky one, I’m going to interpret this as Shine Master’s hope is to create a better, safer world for his folks as well as others and Doctor Null is taking vengeance because of Shine Master’s interference with the Cosmic Chaos Coalition by showing up at Shine Master’s folks home with no good in mind. Shine Master’s folks are the only one’s who know about Shine Master and Doctor Null’s secret history and therefore with them dead we move away from this discovery. This will be a “Remote Event” that will take place at the same time the Power Corps visit Arlie Mcintyre.)

The Power Corps arrived at McIntyre’s building and after convincing a resident of the building that they were actually the Power Corps, not some crazies dressed up as the Power Corps, and a few autographs they were let through the security door of the building. (Question – Is Arlie McIntyre home or out doing thug stuff? 50/50 – No) Nobody answered their knocks at McIntyre’s apartment so Tempest went Ghost Form and unlocked the apartment door from the inside. They scooted in and locked the door behind them. (Question – Do the Power Corps find any clues as to Arlie McIntyre’s employer? Very Unlikely – No) After a thorough search the Corps hunker down to wait for McIntyre to return home. (Question – Is McIntyre part of the Cosmic Chaos Coalition sent to off Shine Master’s family? 50/50 – No)

“Wow, good thing we actually have to use Tempest’s van cause otherwise the Micro-fly Jet would be sitting out there giving us away,” said Rapid Fly quietly.

“Good point,” chuckled Tempest.

Shine Master thought to himself; Good point indeed, didn’t even think of that, amateur.

There was a rattle as a key was inserted in the apartment door’s lock, turned with a “ClicK!” and the door opened.

Shine Master nodded to Psi-Woman and she hit Arlie McIntyre with her Mind Fry power. He dropped like a rock.

When Arlie McIntyre came to he found himself tied to his very own kitchen chair and surrounded by the members of the Power Corps. “I don’t know nothing,” he blurted out, “nothing!”

“Nothin about what,” asked Shine Master playing it up.

“About anything,” replied Mcintyre nervously.

“Really,” said Rapid Fly, “nothing about a bank robbery?”

“Nope,” stammered McIntyre.

“Nothing about a mask left at the scene of the bank robbery?” continued Shine Master. “Say a mask with strands of hair, hair with DNA evidence, your DNA.”

McIntyre swallowed loudly, “I don’t know nothin.”

“Arlie, cooperate with us and things will go a lot better for you. Don’t cooperate and your life is over outside a cell and cement walls,” said Shine Master.

(Question – Will Arlie spill the beans and risk the Cosmic Chaos Coalitions wrath? No Way – Nope)

“Free bed and meals for life,” said McIntyre sarcastically, “I’ll take it.”

“Okay Arlie, that was your last chance, Psi-Woman,” motioned Shine Master.

“You can’t hurt me. What are you doing?” asked McIntyre, remembering the feeling of his head being on fire, as Psi-Woman approached him. ‘It’s against the law, you can’t…”

Psi-Woman placed her hands around McIntyres face. He tried to shake his head free but she held on firmly and eventually his struggles diminished as her Clairvoyance power raced through his mind. She let go a minute later and nodded, “He was there at the bank, working for the Cosmic Chaos Coalition.”

“Doctor Null,” said Shine Master with a frown on his face.

“There’s more, he has seen or been around the Girl Intruder,” said Psi-Woman.

“So, she must have been a decoy for us while they robbed the bank,” thought Shine Master aloud.

“It would appear so,” said Psi-Woman, “and with him at the robbery were also Animalo, Mortirot and Doctor Null,” finished Psi-Woman.

“Animalo was part of it?” said Rapid Fly a bit surprised.

“And Mortirot too as if Doctor Null himself wasn’t bad enough,” said Tempest.

“Anything else Psi-Woman?” asked Shine Master.

“No, wherever the rest of the Cosmic Chaos Coalition are, McIntyre did not see where they are hidden or hiding, though I did see a vision of a place that looked like the city but it was too dark to make out any details. He must have been there at night. That’s all,” said Psi-Woman.

The Power Corps loaded back up into Tempest’s van, along with Arlie McIntyre, and headed for the nearest police precinct where the dropped off Arlie McIntyre and the evidence they had against him.


~ Back at the Power Corps headquarters ~

As the Power Corps entered their Manhattan headquarters Shine Master pulled Tempest aside.

“Tempest,” said Shine Master, “I need to speak to you.”

“Yeah, sure thing boss,” replied Tempest.

“Tempest, in our first two battles as a team you, of all of us, probably made the best decisions in the heat of the moment. You drew the Girl Intruders gunfire away from us and the Micro-fly Jet so we could try to assemble ourselves and contain her, and, in the fight with Animalo you positioned yourself so he could not continue his rampage down the streets of the Business District.”

Tempest smiled, “It was nothing boss.”

Shine Master sighed, “Unfortunately, as I mentioned at our conference, we need more muscle in the Power Corps and our contract only allows for four members.”

Tempest’s expression went from bemused to understanding.

“I’m sorry Tempest, but I need Rapid Fly to drive or pilot the Power Corps vehicles and Psi-Woman is too powerful to let go… I can make you a reserve member though…”

Tempest looked away and then back at Shine Master, (Question – Will Tempest graciously accept his dismissal from the Power Corps or will he come back even more powerful as one of their arch-enemies? Very Likely – Yes) “I understand boss,” said Tempest with a smile, “if you guys need me, I’ll be there.”

Shine Master looked both saddened and relieved, “Thank you Tempest, really,” and clapped Tempest on the shoulder in a half hug.

“Yo, Shiny, you have a call,” shouted Rapid Fly from down the hallway of the Power Corps headquarters.

Shine Master looked down the hallway from where Rapid Fly’s voice called and then back at Tempest.

“It’s all good boss,” said Tempest, “go take your call.”

Shine Master nodded to Tempest and with a nod to his former Power Corps member walked away.


“Hello,” said Shine Master into the receiver.

“Yes, this is he,” replied Shine Master into the phone.

“What’s happened?” asked Shine Master, his body going cold and numb.

“No….no…no...” whispered Shine Master.


“This is Luella Cunningham with Metro Live 5 where today two people in Weehawken, New Jersey were found dead in their home by an apparent attack from what witnesses call non-normals or super-powered people and according to the Weehawken Police Department there are no suspects and no motive is known. What is known is that Orville and Ruby Thompson were assailed by non-normals in their home and found deceased. We’ll have more information as the investigation develops.
In other news the NYPD has reported that a suspect has been brought in regarding the robbery at 1st National Bank. As of yet we have no further details but as soon as they are available our WCBN viewers will be the first to know.
That’s it for the Metro Live 5-Minutes on Channel 5 WCBN. I’m Luella Cunningham, back to you in the studio, Liz and Mike.”


-Next Issue-

Who will be the newest Power Corps member? Colossus? The Hulk? The Thing? Thor? Find out in, “The Heat is on!”

NPC List
1. Girl Intruder
2. Jamaica Town
3. Thugs (from bank robbery)
4. Animalo
5. Mortirot
6. Doctor Null
7. Shine Master
8. Rapid Fly
9. Psi-Woman
10. Tempest - Made a reserve member.

Thread’s List
1. Who is the Girl Intruder?
2. Doctor Null and Shine Master are arch-enemies?
3. Animalo is losing control over his ability to Shapeshift
4. Taking out the CCC (Cosmic Chaos Coalition)

Chaos Factor
Staying at 6 as the Power Corps were able to apprehend one of the 1st National Bank robbers but Shine Master’s parents were killed by the Cosmic Chaos Coalition.

~ Power Corps Spotlight ~

Code Name – Psi-Woman
Identity – Nyesha Berry
Brawn – 1
Agility – 2
Mind – 4
Continual Damage – “Mind Fry” Range 20’, Radius 10’ (5)
Deflect (1)
Clairvoyance (3)
Advantage – Unliving
Disadvantage – Ward – Jamaica Town
Athletics - Acrobatics
Technology – Jury Rig
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