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The Power Corps! Issue #2 "The Beast of the East!"

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The Power Corps! Issue #2 "The Beast of the East!"

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The Power Corps! – Issue #2 – “The Beast of the East!”

Mythic: Game Master Emulator and Basic Action Super Heroes (BASH!)

Scene 2 – Chaos 6

~ The Power Corps investigate the robbery at 1st National Bank in Manhattan ~

(Scene Interrupted – Event Focus: Move Toward a Thread (Animalo’s Secret)/ Event Meaning – Increase Wounds – Tricky one, I’m going to interpret this as Animalo’s Secret is that he’s losing control over changing into and out of animal form because his human mind is wounded and becoming savage!)

The Power Corps loaded into Tempest’s personal vehicle, their micro-fly jet in need of some serious repairs*, a sweet, two-tone 2010 Chevy Van with a few extras. They were on their way to the 1st National Bank to interview the bank employees who were present during the robbery for any clues as to who may have been responsible for the theft.

*See issue #1

“Man, couldn’t you have called Reed Richards and asked to borrow the Fantasticar?” asked Rapid Fly to Shine Master.

Shine Master turned around from the shotgun seat in Tempest’s van and looked at Rapid Fly in back. “You want Reed Richards to know that a girl swooped into Power Corps headquarters and single-handedly held off the entire group while she blew the bottom out of the micro-fly jet and then filled it full of holes?* I don’t think so,” finished Shine Master and he turned back around.

* Also issue #1

“Hmm, good point Shiny,” nodded Rapid Fly.

A short time later Tempest pulled up in front of the 1st National Bank and they all got out.

“You three take a look around for anyone, any vendors, shop sales clerks, bums, anyone that may have seen anything yesterday,” spoke Shine Master, “while I go inside and talk with the bank personnel.”

“I’ll check the street vendors,” said Tempest and he moved off towards a hot dog cart.

“And I’ll take the shops,” said Psi-Woman, “and that leaves you with the bums Rapid Fly.”

“What…,” blinked Rapid Fly.

(Question – Do the Power Corps find any clues outside? Very Unlikely – YES!)
(Question – Is the clue a tossed robbers mask? Likely – Yes)

Rapid Fly walked down the sidewalk questioning any all that looked like they might have, or may, reside there. Finding no luck he moved to a quiet, narrow side-street between the bank and a metal-picketed fenced in park. The street itself was clean and devoid of traffic but there was a small dumpster there and someone was halfway in it scrounging around.

“Excuse me sir,” asked Rapid Fly.

“Miss!” replied a voice echoing in the dumpster.

“No, I’m a guy,” laughed Rapid Fly.

The person leaned up and out of the dumpster and fixed a crooked-tooth look at him, “No, I’m a miss, not a sir!”

“Oh, oh,” stammered Rapid Fly, “my apologies.”

The crooked-tooth woman gave him a * look and dove back down into the dumpster.

“I just wanted to ask you, ah,” continued Rapid Fly, “if you happened to be around yesterday and saw anything suspicious?”

The woman leaned back up out of the dumpster and dropped back down to her feet with her prize firmly in hand saying, “Always something suspicious is happening every day in the city,” she looked at him like he should know better. “Maybe you should be looking for something normal eh?” she smiled and nodded admiring her find, a black winter hat.

“Okay, yeah, so…nothing suspicious…then,” sighed Rapid Fly.

She pulled the hat onto her head but it was more than just a hat and as she pulled it down it reached past her chin with two eye holes and a hole for breathing through the mouth.

Rapid Fly’s jaw dropped open and he looked from the crooked-tooth woman to the dumpster and back at her again. “I need that hat!” he exclaimed to the crooked-tooth woman.

“It’s mine!” said the woman as her eyes went wide and she hid the hat behind her back, “and I haven’t decided if it’s for sale yet!”

Rapid Fly turned the corner out of the side-street with the black hat in hand and $40 poorer.

“Where have you been?” asked Psi-Woman breathlessly as he approached the van. “We’ve been trying to reach you on your com!”

Rapid Fly glanced down at his wrist com and noticed the face was dark, “dam, batteries must be dead,” he said.

“C’mon,” waved Psi-Woman towards the van as she jumped in, “Animalo has been spotted in the business district! He’s on some kind of rampage!”

Rapid Fly jumped into the van as it took off and slid the door shut as Tempest headed south down the busy streets towards the business district.

“He was last seen outside of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel,” said Shine Master to Tempest and Tempest headed in that direction. In a few minutes they were across the street from the hotel but Animalo was no where in sight. Shine Master spoke into his wrist com, “Computer, last reported location of Animalo?”

There was a brief pause and then the monotone voice of headquarters computer spoke over Shine Master’s wrist com, “Police scanner places Animalo at Rockefeller Center.”

Tempest turned right and accelerated and a minute later they spotted Animalo. (Question – Does Animalo notice the arrival of the van and the occupants getting out in his rampage? Very Unlikely – NO!) Animalo was charging up the sidewalk in the form of a bear hybrid swatting pedestrians with his giant paws and grabbing others with his mouth and tossing them aside. Tempest picked a spot and veered across the two lanes of oncoming traffic and stopped halfway up the sidewalk.

The doors to the van opened and the Power Corps leaped out!!!

Rapid Fly ran over to Animalo and dove for one of his rear legs trying to grab it and managed to get a hold of it with ease as the big animal didn’t see him coming.

Psi-Woman slipped out of the van calmly and focused on Animalo with her Mind Fry power and watched as the bear-man staggered for an instant.

Shine Master ran up beside Rapid Fly who was being dragged down the sidewalk but still held onto the bear-man. Shine Master’s body issued forth a pulse of white light towards Animalo. The big animal blinked, shook his big head, shrugged off Shine Master’s Daze power and kept on going.

Tempest exited the van and assumed his Ghost Form and then using his power to control air began to spin in a small cyclone moving towards Animalo.

Animalo stopped his charge down the sidewalk and turned to face his attackers full on. (Question – Does Animalo’s inability to control his Shapeshifting power leave him unable to control reverting back to his human form? Very Unlikely – No) Animalo roared and took a swipe at Rapid Fly who was still holding onto him but missed.

Psi-Woman followed the rest of the group closely but not too close, concentrating on her Mind Fry power and Animalo. She was distracted though by Animalo’s attack on Rapid Fly who was being dragged around by the giant man-bear and lost her connection to the animals mind.

Rapid Fly bounced around on the pavement as Animalo thrashed around and he used his Clinging power to help himself hang onto the beast. In a flash of genius he had an idea and using his Mimic power transformed himself into an anchor. Animalo did not like this, not one bit.

Shine Master, with little energy left after his Daze attempt on Animalo, used the only real option he had left and looked for a soft spot on the bear and threw a roundhouse kick. The kick landed squarely but the big bear absorbed the blow well to Shine Master’s dismay.

Tempest, in his cyclone form, moved in front of Animalo to hem him in between himself and his other teammates. Unfortunately, lacking any real offensive powers, all Tempest could do was try to prevent the bear-man from continuing his charge down the sidewalk.

Rapid Fly maintained the form of an anchor and with his clinging ability Animalo was slowed considerably by the weight. “I’ve got him slowed down! Get him guys!” exclaimed Rapid Fly, or rather, the anchor.

Animalo stood up to his full height and let loose a block-shaking bellow. (Question – Does Animalo’s inability to control his Shapeshifting power have him revert back to his human form? Very Unlikely – Exceptional No! Animalo will not revert back to human form this fight). With a surge of strength Animalo attempted to pull himself free of the anchor stuck to him and easily separated himself from it with his great bear strength. The anchor clattered to the ground beside him.

Psi-Woman tried again to hit Animalo’s mind with her Mind Fry power…and found and felt the softness of his mind and began to set it afire! Animalo reeled from the attack in his head.

Shine Master shouted to the others, “We need to take this guy down, fast!” Shine Master tried using his Stretching power and his arms lengthened almost comically as he tried to wrap up Animalo as he had done with the Girl Intruder*. This time however he wasn’t as lucky and the bear shook out of the tangled mess that was Shine Master’s arms.

*Again issue #1

Tempest gave up his Ghost Form and materialized where he stood in front of Animalo, though Animalo was currently looking backwards at Shine Master and an anchor lying on the ground. Tempest brought his hands together, forming a sort of club-fist, and brought it down on the back of Animalo’s neck. The blow hit and was solid but once again the bear-man didn’t seemed fazed one bit and like the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill a bear only makes him angrier.”

Rapid Fly resumed his normal form and quickly considered the situation; they needed to constrain Animalo somehow. He thought aloud, “Change into a pot of honey? No, no, nope. I might get eaten. I can’t change into a female bear, so that’s out. Aw *, looks like my original plan was the best,” and with that he leaped forward grabbing Animalo and held onto the bears legs once again.

Animalo had a bunch of people around him, the Power Corps, he recognized the scent. One of them had his legs and he didn’t like it so he swung a mighty bear paw at the man. The man saw it coming and rolled out of the way just in time as the paw smashed down into the sidewalk.

Psi-Woman continued her mental attack on Animalo with her Mind Fry power and slipped in a heavy surge that sent Animalo down to his knees looking stricken and dangerous.

Shine Master redoubled his efforts to contain the bear and sent his elongated arms whipping around Animalo and managed to get them around the giant bear but he was too strong and broke free.

Tempest, still having not grabbed Animalo’s full attention, took another double-fisted swing at the back of the bear’s neck but missed him entirely.

Rapid Fly, with his Clinging power still activated, held on for dear life. If he could slow the bear down maybe the others could take him down!

Animalo’s head was on fire and his brain felt like it was boiling. He didn’t know who was doing it or how but he (Question – Will Animalo attempt to flee? Likely – Exceptional Yes!) wasn’t sticking around to find out. He used his Shapeshifting power to transform into a bee and shot up into the sky and away…

The Power Corps were helpless, nobody in the group could fly and Psi-Woman’s Mind Fry power couldn’t reach the escaping Animalo. The Power Corps picked themselves up and headed back to the van tired and spent as the Channel 5 WCBN news van pulled up.

~ Later that night on televisions across the northeast U.S. ~

“This is Luella Cunningham with Metro Live 5 from downtown Manhattan where just less than a few moments ago the super-group known as the Power Corps were involved in a slugfest with the villain known only as Animalo!”

“Excuse me sir, excuse me, did you see what happened here?”

“Ye…yes I did.”

“And what is your name sir?

“Erick, Erick Dunn, ma’am.”

“Please, call me Luella Cunningham. What did you see Mr. Dunn?”

“Well, this…this ah giant bear-man, Animalo I guess. That’s what the t.v. news people call him, Animalo. Well, he was just tearing down the sidewalk throwing people out of his way with his teeth and claws.”

“Terrifying I imagine, simply TERRIFYING. And, Mr. Dunn, the Power Corps showed up and fought him?”

“Yeah, they did! GO POWER CORPS! Ah, sorry. Yes, they did show up and managed to stop the, the Animalo, from attacking more people but he, ah, got away.”

“Well there you have it folks. The tax-funded Power Corps let Animalo get away. Terrifying, simply TERIFYING!”

“That’s it for the Metro Live 5-Minutes on Channel 5 WCBN. I’m Luella Cunningham, back to you in the studio, Liz and Mike, and I hope nether of you has a candy bar in your back pocket because bears love candy bars and this one is still loose!”

-Next Issue-
The Power Corps lose a member in “A Death in the Family!”

NPC List
1. Girl Intruder
2. Jamaica Town
3. Super-Powered Bank Robbers
4. Thugs (from bank robbery)
5. Animalo
6. Shine Master
7. Rapid Fly
8. Psi-Woman
9. Tempest

Thread’s List
1. Who robbed the 1st National Bank
2. Who is the Girl Intruder?
3. Doctor Null and Shine Master are arch-enemies?
4. Tempest’s Secret
5. Animalo’s Secret – Animalo is losing control over his ability to Shapeshift

Chaos Factor
Staying at 6, this is the second fight, the other with the Girl Intruder that, with just a little more time, the Power Corps would have won despite the messy way they went about it.

~ Power Corps Spotlight ~

Code Name – Rapid Fly
Identity – Unknown
Brawn – 2
Agility – 3
Mind – 3
Mimic (3)
Sense (Danger) (1)
Clinging (1)
Advantage – Super-Vehicle – The Micro-fly Jet
Disadvantage – Uncontrollable Powers
Performing Arts – Figure Skater
Pilot – Jets
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