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The Power Corps! Issue #1 "Ambush in the Air!"

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The Power Corps! Issue #1 "Ambush in the Air!"

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This is a BASH game using BASH 1E and the Mythic: Game Master Emulator, (M:GME). The emulator basically allows you to play RPG's solo using the M:GME as a "ghosty" GM.

The Power Corps! – Issue #1 – “Ambush in the Air!”
Mythic: Game Master Emulator and Basic Action Super Heroes (BASH!)
Scene 1 – Chaos 5
~ The Power Corps are at their headquarters ~
Rapid Fly, Psi-Woman, Tempest and the leader of the Power Corps, Shine Master are at their headquarters in New York City on the East Coast of the United States. They all stand or sit in front of their headquarters’ super-computer screen.
“It’s been way to quiet for my liking,” announces Rapid Fly. “I wonder what the Cosmic Chaos Coalition is up to!” he finishes as he makes a fist with his left hand and punches his right palm.
With a chuckle Shine Master looks over at Rapid Fly, “When you’re fighting them you wish for peace and when you have peace you wish for a fight. Our time will come again but for now just enjoy the reprieve.
“Hrmph,” muttered Rapid Fly with a sigh.
“Brrrrp…brrrrp…brrrrp,” went the super-computers alarm.
“Yes!” said Rapid Fly as his eyes widened up at the super-computers screen, “Screen on!”
“Nice,” muttered Tempest from his reclined chair with legs kicked up on a desk, “you just totally jinxed us, man.”
The super-computers wall-sized screen flickered to life.
(Question – What is the Cosmic Chaos Coalition up to? Decrease/Opulence. If that isn’t stealing from a bank I don’t know what is.)
A monotone voice spoke from the super-computer, “The 1st National Bank in Manhattan is being robbed.
(Question - Was a silent alarm triggered before the bank robbers left? 50/50 – No, Random Event Triggered)
Suspects have been seen departing the premises,” continued the monotone voice.
“Quick!” to the Micro-Fly Jet,” shouted Shine Master.
Everyone jumped up and ran towards a set of elevator doors that shot open at their approach and entered. The doors slid closed briskly and immediately they felt their hearts leap into their throats as the lift shot upwards. A little over a second later the lift came to a sudden stop and the doors slid open quickly with a “WHooOSH.” The group ran into a small hangar and headed for a micro jet, in amazingly the shape of a common house-fly, as the transparent dome in the ceiling was sliding open. Rapid Fly jumped into the pilot’s position and everyone grabbed a seat and began buckling themselves in. Once again their collective hearts leaped into their throats as the micro-fly jet lifted off into the open air above the Manhattan skyline.
(Random Event – Event Focus: PC Negative (Shine Master)/ Event Meaning: Release Ambush)
(Question – Are the Power Corps being ambushed at their headquarters? 50/50 – YES!)
(Question – Is their more than one super-powered bad guy? Likely – NO!)

As the micro-fly jet rose up into the air something shot by the windscreen and down into the now closing transparent ceiling doors of the hangar.

“What the * was that!” shouted Rapid Fly as he * around in his seat to catch a glimpse of the speeding object.

“I don’t know,” replied Tempest, “but it looked like it was headed for HQ!”

“Screen on,” said Rapid Fly to the console in front of him, “front frame back 5 seconds and slow motion, play.”

Everyone stared at the console screen. Slowly a figure came into view on the screen. It was a woman flying at a high rate of speed. She was dressed in close * earth-toned clothes and had a serious looking rifle slung across her back.

“Bottom frame, slow motion and play,” spoke Rapid Fly again as the screen blinked to a view beneath the micro-fly jet. The view showed the flying woman as she descended and slipped through the headquarters transparent hangar doors just before they closed.

Shine Master shook his head, “Turn it around Fly, we have business at home to attend to now.”

The micro-fly jet banked sharply and came back around as the transparent hangar doors opened once again and the jet began to descend into the hangar. As the micro-fly jet was halfway to clearing the hangar doors a surge of wind took hold of the ship and pushed it to the side. Rapid Fly swore and countered just in time, saving the micro-fly jet from a collision with the hanger doors.

“What the…” exclaimed Rapid Fly.

Shine Master turned to Rapid Fly, “Where did that come from?” he asked quickly.

“I don’t know. I mean, from inside the hangar I think,” answered Rapid Fly.

The micro-fly jet touched down in the hangar bay. (Question – Is the intruder hiding in the hangar? Very Likely – Yes) Everyone peered out the micro-fly jets various windows.

“I don’t see anyone, anybody see anything?” asked Tempest.

‘Uh uh,” was the general response.

(Question – Will Shine Master think of using the micro-fly jets sensors? Very Likely – YES!)

“Sensors on, life form detection initiate,” said Shine Master to the console, “radius 75 feet.”

The image on the consoles screen became a 3D image of the headquarters. Four light red blips appeared together on the screen towards the center of the building while a fifth red blip was off about 30 feet to the ships left side. They all looked out the left-hand windows. Outside only a handful of large, wheeled toolboxes could be seen, nothing moved.

Shine Master picked up the aircraft’s mic and flipped a switch, “Come out and step forward, I repeat come out and step forward. This is private government property,” said Shine Master into the mic and it echoed throughout the hangar.

(Question – Does the intruder have any grenades? 50/50 – Yes)

“I repeat,” said Shine Master into the mic as something smallish came arcing through the air towards the micro-fly jet.

(Does anyone on board the micro-fly jet see and recognize the grenade? Very Likely -
Exceptional Yes)

“Grenade!” yelled Rapid Fly as the small device landed and rolled under the micro-fly jet and he punched the ignition and pushed the power lever forward far and fast. (Question – Does the micro-fly jet lift up in time to avoid the grenades full force? 50/50 – No)

The micro-fly jet had barely risen when the deafening explosion went off shearing apart the thin titanium fuselage beneath the micro-fly jet. The micro-fly jet’s systems went into failure and the jet crashed back down to the hangar floor in a smoking heap. (Question – Were the landing gear affected by the explosion? Likely – Yes, Question – Was it the front gear? 50/50 – Exceptional YES) With its front landing gear collapsed the micro-fly jet nosed into the hangar floor while its tail rose up into the air. The nose cone on the jet was mashed inwards along with the radar unit behind it. The screen on the console in the * went blank. Inside the jet the members of the Power Corps groaned.

“Is everyone okay?” shouted Shine Master who had been thrown forward into the console and windscreen and looked pretty banged up. He glanced over at Rapid Fly who was nursing what looked like a broken arm and clutching his side.

“Nothing life threatening,” answered Psi-Woman from the first row of seats outside the *. “Tempest looks like he caught something in the blast in his shoulder.”

“I’m fine yo,” said Tempest in a hard voice. “Just help me wrap it up fast.”

Psi-Woman hit an overhead compartment that dropped open and she grabbed a small blanket and began making a makeshift bandage for Tempest’s shoulder, wrapping it around his arm and neck to hold it in place.

(Question – Does the intruder move to another spot in the hangar or approach the jet? 50/50 – Extreme No!)

As the woman intruder came out from behind one of the rolling toolboxes and bolted for the micro-fly jet she un-shouldered her AK-47 and started sending a burst of fire towards the aircraft’s passenger windows. Bullets tinged off the titanium and the passenger windows on the left side of the aircraft were blown to pieces. (Question – Does anyone in the aircraft see the woman intruder running towards the jet? 50/50 - NO) Everyone inside the jet dropped to the cabin floor and hunkered down. (Question – Does anyone hear her boots on the hanger floor or realize that the shots are getting closer with all the noise? Unlikely – No, Random Event Triggered)

Shine Master ordered in a quiet hiss, “Open that escape hatch on the opposite side and get out of here. She might have another grenade!” (Question – Does the woman intruder have another grenade? 50/50 – No, Random Event Triggered) Rapid Fly, can you tell if she’s still over by the toolboxes?

Rapid Fly paused and searched for danger with his mind but could not detect anything, “I got nothing Shine Master, and I can’t tell where she’s at.”

“$#!!!” exclaimed Shine Master, “Tempest come with me,” and with that Shine Master stretched his body thin like a snake and he wiggled through a hole in the bottom of the aircraft blown open by the blast. Tempest’s body became insubstantial and he floated down through the bottom of the jet onto the hangar floor as Psi-Woman made her way out the emergency hatch and onto the right-hand wing.

(Random Event #1 – Event Focus: NPC Action (Doctor Null’s enemy)/ Event Meaning: Care A Representative – I’m interpreting this as Shine Master is Doctor Null’s enemy and is going to try to show compassion to the Girl Intruder who appears very young.)
(Random Event #2 – Event Focus: NPC Action (Jamaica Town)/ Event Meaning – Oppress Reality – I’m interpreting this as Doctor Null is “oppressing reality” by using his powers of darkness to keep Jamaica Town in a twilight by day and threatening complete darkness.)

(Question – Does the woman intruder use her X-Ray Vision to locate the members of the Power Corps or does she open fire on Tempest’s Ghost Form? Near Sure Thing – No!)

The woman intruder turned her rifle in the direction of Tempest and opened fire. Tempest recoiled for a split second, as anyone would with an AK-47 aimed and firing at them would, but the bullets just passed through his ghost form.

Shine Master hung back in the aircraft waiting, his stretched body clinging to the bottom of the jet, until he could drop out without being cut up in a hail of gunfire. He was amazed at how young the woman was, late teens he imagined.

Tempest began to move to his left around the woman trying to draw her gunfire away from the micro-fly jet and the others. (Question – Does the woman follow Tempest with her AK-47 blazing away or does she concentrate on the aircraft and the others? Likely – YES) As he moved quickly in his ghost form the woman intruder pivoted and followed his progress with her AK-47 firing the entire time.

With the woman intruder distracted Shine Master stretched his small snake-like form to the hangar floor and resumed his normal shape. He took a few quick steps and tried to envelope the woman intruder in his now extending arms. The woman writhed and shook but could not break Shine Master’s long, stretching arms that coiled around her like a rope.

Shine Master was once again shocked by the youth of the girl and said, “Stop, stop, we won’t hurt you! Drop the weapon!” He relaxed his grip in a token of trusting she wouldn’t be harmed, but only a little.

Rapid Fly and Psi-Woman’s head appeared over the top of the fuselage from where they were standing on the wing on the other side of the aircraft.

(Question – Does the woman intruder surrender? No Way – No)

The intruder girl laughed and not kindly, “You are Doctor Null’s enemy Shine Master and therefore you are my enemy!” and with this she shot up into the air towards the transparent hangar doors which had closed again with Shine Master holding onto her. She shifted the AK-47 as best she could and aimed at a spot on the hangar door and opened fire. One of the plexi-glass panels in the hangar doors gave out under the hail of bullets and the girl intruder soared up towards the opening.
(Question – Does Shine Master hang onto the girl? No Way – Exceptional No) Shine Master didn’t even hesitate, being nearly spent of energy, and let go immediately dropping to the hangar floor and rolled out of the fall rather nicely.
~ Meanwhile at the Cosmic Chaos Coalitions secret hideout in Jamaica Town ~
Doctor Null stood in an office, a television screen on the wall reporting the day’s events, as he paced back and forth.
“This is Luella Cunningham with Metro Live 5 from downtown Manhattan where just less than an hour ago the 1st National Bank was robbed by a number of super-powered individuals along with several other normals.
When the Power Corps were contacted about the robbery we were informed by the team’s leader, Shine Master, that the group was ambushed in route to the robbery, presumably by those affiliated with the ones that perpetrated the crime.
In other developing news, Jamaica Town is experiencing a bizarre phenomenon where daylight is only as bright as dusk over Jamaica Town’s several blocks. Local University of New York professors and the Meteorological Society of Manhattan were, and are still, baffled by this occurrence.
That’s it for the Metro Live 5-Minutes on Channel 5 WCBN. I’m Luella Cunningham, back to you in the studio, Liz and Mike.”
Doctor Null smiled, and then began to laugh and laugh and laugh…and laugh.

-Next Issue-
The Power Corps investigate the 1st National Bank robbery and face “The Beast of the East!”

Character List
1. Girl Intruder
2. Doctor Null’s Enemy Is now known to be Shine Master and moved to Threads list.
3. Jamaica Town
4. Super-Powered Bank Robbers
5. Thugs (from bank robbery)
6. Shine Master
7. Rapid Fly
8. Psi-Woman
9. Tempest

Thread’s List
1. Who robbed the 1st National Bank
2. Who is the Girl Intruder?
3. Doctor Null and Shine Master are arch-enemies?
4. Tempest’s Secret
5. Animalo’s Secret

Chaos Factor
Going to 6, one more round and the Power Corps would have kicked butt, but things also could have gone even worse for them at the get-go.

~ Power Corps Spotlight ~

Code Name – Shine Master
Identity – Tommie Thompson
Brawn – 2
Agility – 2
Mind – 2
Stretching (1)
Multi-Power (7)
Master of Light (5)
Daze (3)
Advantage – Headquarters
Disadvantage – Normal
Escapology – Cells
Technology – Modify
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Hey, that is really cool! A little insight as to how Mythic works. Thanks for taking the time to post your account of the scene!
Gary Brown
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