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Century Eye's campaign

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:50 pm
by Sijo
A friend of mine (and former player who played BASH with us) has started a BASH game in my Discord server where I'm one of the players. I'm playing my old standbye, The Traveller. So far, we had two sessions.

In the first, we investigated a suspicious bank robbery. I figured out it was done to cover up something. A police detective asked for our help. The trail led us to a mob boss. We then discovered she was mind controlling him, and her goal was to cover up an embezzlement of money to help a poor neighborhood. The group decided that though this was technically illegal, her goals were ultimatelly good so we let it go. (Good thing too- turns out she was some kind of Angelic being and probably would have kicked our butts.) :lol:

The current adventure was a missing person case: a boy whose mother was, apparently, paid to allow him to be used as a guinea pig in some experiment. But I found out she was possessed by- something; we drove the spirit out of her, only to have the kid turn into a rampaging monster that almost killed us :P Thankfully my teammate was a vampire and she used her mind control powers to revert him back to normal.

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:35 am
by Sijo
Two more game sessions! :)

In Issue 3, Traveler and Ophelia were asked by their police contact to help investigate a series of unexplained plane crashes. We agreed on using a plane with just us and the pilot inside as bait. It worked- the culprit was a shapeshifter! In the following battle the plane almost crashes but we managed to prevent it, although the being got away.

In Issue 4, suspecting the plane crashes were tied to the child experiments from Issue 2, we tried to infiltrate an hospital in disguise. We were joined this time by a third player, Sepulchre the Necromancer. This time we were attacked by a mind controller (possibly the same from Issue 2) who attacked us with car-driving civilians and armed cops. By the end my character had only 9 Hits left (!) and we found that one of the kids has apparently been cloned!

Hilarious Footnote: In Issue 4, we were chasing a kid down the street and totally forgot to watch out for traffic, resulting in all three of us getting hit by a truck. :roll:

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:59 pm
by Sijo
For the next Issue, some of us changed characters. I switched out The Traveler for Gomoso, a Latino rubber-man. We basically got shanghied into joining a SHIELD type organization. As a field test, they sent us to find a superagent that had gone AWOL. We found out he had been been acting as a Hero in a small town. No problem right? Except he was stalking a local girl. He kept eluding us- we thought he was a teleporter but turned out to be a Duplicator. So now we finally found his house, but are still deciding if we should just talk to him (some of us wanted to beat him up, but we were supposed to keep things low key.)

Hilarious Footnote: the organization is called AUNT- an obvious reference to The Man from UNCLE. :lol:

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 10:19 am
by Sijo
Update: We ended up splitting in two groups, one trying to find incriminating evidence (my character was in that one) while the other protected the girl the super-stalker was after. Since he had Duplication, both groups fought him at the same time.

We capture the guy and provide evidence of his stalkings. I thought that would be it, but the neighborhood people started rioting after their "local hero" was arrested (!) Later on, the police station was bombed (!!) but saved thanks to our Werewolf player doing a Steve-Rogers-Jumps-on-the-Granede stunt (we've been calling him Capwolf ever since. :D )

We discover that the "pro-Hero" bomber is actually under mind control. Suddenly this is more than a stalking case.

More later.