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A-West actual play

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A-West actual play

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Issue #1: Evil From Beyond Infinity!

The MC2 West Coast Avengers meet and team up after a thrilling battle in the streets of Los Angeles!

This was a short adventure based on the one in the back of the BASH! UE rulebook, but instead of space aliens, it was an invasion by flying squid creatures and cultists led by Doctor Abyss.

Wildstar and Quick Draw started off together; they have a history together from the previous Marvel FASERIP game. Iron Vixen and Rampage started off in a separate battle scene; they are new characters, and apparently have both worked with SHIELD and know each other. Eklipse was used as a GMPC; he's a member of Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis, and I decided he's been traveling across the U.S. visiting various Franciscan retreats, and happened to be in L.A. when all this went down.

The flying squid creatures were grabbing up people and taking them to a central location where Doctor Abyss planned to offer them as sacrifices to a giant Cthulhu type monster that he was trying to summon. PCs started off in two separate battle scenes which were drawn together.

Players did a good job not using very good teamwork at first. Something to build on. :) But they rescued some people, killed some flying squids, analyzed their dimensional energy, and headed off to the main site.

They rescued the sacrificial victims, fought the cultists, and got their first taste of Doctor Abyss himself. Quick Draw jumped a curve on a motorcycle and ran over his face, then shot him, and Wildstar trapped him in a force field. :)

Meanwhile Iron Vixen had recalibrated her repulsor beam to close the dimensional rift. Safer method than using a nuclear bomb! ;) So the Cthulhu monster was driven back, but Doctor Abyss teleported away and escaped.

All in all, the characters worked very well and should make a good team! The only thing that was irksome to some was Setbacks. We usually play BASH fantasy where there are no Setbacks, so they need to get used to spending a Hero Point first sometimes. :)

My plan for their HQ is to use an old Latverian consulate. In MC2, Kristoff Vernard, Doom's adopted heir, now rules Latveria and is an ally of the Avengers. So he will let the new team set up shop at the old consulate, which is a Latverian style château on the California coast. :)
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