hi new here this was our game last night

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hi new here this was our game last night

Post by paulpiercegt »

Hi new gm here so i was looking for a game to play with my kids easier than marvel faserip and i found this one last night was our first game in the marvel universe with the 2 heroes and Bruce Kent also know as the night hawk (me).

So the avengers were engaged in a space battle during this battle the main alien ship exploded and for some unknow reason caused a storm on earth, result of this were people getting hit by lightnings two of these people were the doctor molina (my son) and the cop antony stark (my nephew) they noticed they were changing but didnt know exactly why.

One day they were contacted by the night hawk who said he wait for them in the outskirts of new york both of them went and waited suddenly a ship appear with the form of a hawk and the night hawk appeared before them explaining why he need their help in exchange he will provide them with training in using his powers they say ok.

On their way the night hawk said that he didnt agree the way the avengers approach the last battle and that there were many wounded and dead people, the cop and the doctor agreed, the ship started to go out of the earth and headed to the moon were the night hawk has a base operated by robots.

The heroes trained there for a time then the supercomputer of the hawk went on with an alert, hydra was planning something and the night hawk send the 2 new heroes back to earth to find out, after taking out some members of hydra they learned that his leader Crossbones was going to blow up the city they need more clues.

So thats was our first game, the heroes are Dr destruction (my son) who can fly and has super strenght also fires fireballs out of his hands and has laser vision, the cop is the lightning an speeder who can detect with his scan weaker points (in the end of the game my nephew said that he regreted not being more powerful) but both of them enjoyed the game.

Also to being said is that Dr destruction hit an hydra mob and the result of this was that was hit so hard that the dude was split and the cop didnt think it was bad because the hydra dude had a plasma rifle just moments before very interesting game very a la the boys.
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Re: hi new here this was our game last night

Post by MrJupiter »

Welcome to BASH, paulpiercegt. It sounds like you and your players had a wonderful first game. Great move of starting them with a super patron who both empowers them and trains them (if I read this correctly). I love the idea of a moon base headquarters. I laughed when you had said about your nephew's regret for not being more powerful. I think that a great many heroes probably feel that way sometimes. I know I do, lol.

I hope that your next game is as much fun!
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