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Legends of Steel campaign

Monsters, magic, sorcery and steel!
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Legends of Steel campaign

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Well met, hearty BASHers! :) In this thread I'll post some LoS narratives. It's done in the style of a sword & sorcery Silmarillion, so I hope you enjoy it. 8-)

This first chapter begins in media res in a rather unusual way...

Of the Heroes Three

Ere the coming of the host of Radu, two brave adventurers and cunning came unto the north of the Sikkar Plains. There was Rashiq al-Khalidi, halfling of the distant south, scholar and thief, ever curious of the ways of foreign lands; and Celwen the She-elf, also called Nenolindë, warrior of Tuivor and his loyal companion.

Thither they came seeking knowledge of divers peoples little known, and heard tell of a ceremony which no outsiders had afore witnessed. By stealth they came upon the place where that rite was performed, and hid themselves among the rocks to observe it.

A young barbarian latterly come into manhood stood before his shaman, other warriors of the tribe thereabouts, and disrobed and prepared to receive the mark of maturity. This was a painful test: the removal by knife of the * of his member, which he must endure in silence as a proof of his courage and fortitude.

Now the strange ritual being done, there was yelping and celebration among his elder peers in a curious tongue. But now they espied the two interlopers, and gave chase after them on their mighty north-bred steeds; for it was a great sin that the outsiders had violated the secret ways.

Celwen on her horse and Rashiq with her fled swiftly southward, yet could they not outdistance their pursuers, who loosed arrows that struck and wounded them. But they galloped ever harder, till they reached the bank of a swift-running river. Then Celwen by elven lore made a crossing; for Elves have a kinship with nature, and ever and anon it may serve as their helper. And having forded the river she released the waters, and they flowed once again as before, and barred the way to the barbarians chasing them.

Then went the elf and halfling in the shadow of the Druss Mountains, till they came at last unto the outpost of Boskar, and obtained shelter and a rest for their wounds.

Now Celwen the Fair, who was overfond of drink and low company, betook herself to a tavern wherein miners drank and gambled, and those who acquired rich furs in commerce with the less savage nomads. Twas over a game of chance that she came to know Bannock, a wandering mercenary of mannish stock, dark-maned and handsome, and ingenious of speech. Together they played at dice, and Bannock had the better of their sport; but in due course he fell into a slumber from drink. Thus Celwen, judging herself the winner by default, took his coin and went from there in good cheer.

She and Rashiq soon departed for the pass between the Druss and the High Mountains, making for the city of Teve which lay nigh on the coast of the Emerald Ocean. And Bannock, who held that he had been cheated of his coin, came up from arrears and joined their progress, saying he would not part from them ere his silver was repayed. This Celwen would not do, though their banter was of a friendly sort.

But as they three advanced among the hill country of the western way, they found themselves on a sudden encircled by a band of orcs.
With a good system come good adventures. - Gary Gygax
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