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Project 365 Villains and Vigilantes day 6

Your heroes, villains, vehicles, and HQs
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Project 365 Villains and Vigilantes day 6

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What Project 365? Well, I decided to take on the challenge of put out one new character conversion each day for the next year. Crazy uh? I decided to start my project with the characters of famed Villains & Vigilantes RPG. As there is so much material, where to start? I choice the Great Bridge, in which the villains of Japan are offered up to serve a new opponents for your heroes to battle.


B 3 A 1 M 1

Stealth/Evading Security Cameras and Alarms
Security/Disabling Security and Cameras
Heightened Senses
Danger Sense 2pts

Combat Expertise
Weapon Technique [+ 1 to hit, All Swords] 2pts
Attack Weak point 2pts
Flight [5 Sqs] 1pt
Super Speed 3pts

Mental Malfunction-Warrior with no war

Cyborg [Resistance to hunger, thirst, exhaustion ,suffocation]
Priority x3
Move Run 3sqs Jumping 9sqs flying 5sqs
Soak x3
Defense x3
Mental Defense x1

Stats 10 + powers 10 = 20pts

Origin & Background: No one, not even Lidia herself, knows her
true origin. She was found unconscious and adrift in a vast field of
floating wreckage by a Japanese Naval vessel on a training exercise in the mid-Pacific. The exact nature of the wreckage has been classified above top secret by the Japanese, Chinese, South Korean, and United States governments.What is known is that Lidia is the only known survivor of whatever disaster created the debris field. It was not until Lidia was transferred to a classified medical facility that her true nature was uncovered. Somehow, Lidia’s body had been augmented with surprisingly high-technology implants. Her arms, heart, lungs, and eyes were all artificial. Tests showed she had strength, endurance, and visual acuity far superior to any normal human. The military personnel responsible for testing her soon found she had an affinity for any sword.
More shocking was the mechanical wings that suddenly extended from her back during a hand-to-hand combat exercise.

In the end, however, Lidia was studying her caretakers far more
closely than they were examining her. After twenty-three days, Lidia decided to escape. After quickly subduing her escorts, Lidia spread her wings and flew off towards the rising sun. As she is quite mobile, it is difficult to keep track of Lidia’s exact location, although she seems to favor the cities of Pyon-Tek in South Korea, Sapporo in Japan, and Grand Rapids in the United States.

Combat Tactics/M.O: Lidia uses her improved vision to spot her
targets from a distance, usually from the air. She sums them up as she approaches and then draws her sword to take them out. If her hit points or power get too low, Lidia will attempt to escape the battle until she can spot another path of attack.

Personality/Character Traits: Lidia is not a normal girl either
physically or emotionally. She has no recollection of her past prior to waking up on the naval vessel. Her life has since been a series of attempts to blend in as a normal human. Strangely, she feels most comfortable in combat, taking great satisfaction in the defeat of truly gifted opponents. It is likely that her crimes, which tend to be rather public spectacles, are in fact intended to attract adversaries for combat. Although she has been bested on several occasions, Lidia has yet to be re-captured.

Agent’s Notes:While our American counterparts may find it strange, many super-powered villains (and vigilantes) chose to forego living two lives. Instead, like Lidia, they have a single identity and rarely, if ever, use an alter ego. These individuals are normally loners. Some are totally dedicated to their craft, and wish to be recognized wherever they go. A small fraction of them are so powerful that they have no fear of retribution and expend no energy in concealing their true identity. Whatever the reason, our files are filled with villains who have no alter ego, while the vast majority of files received from the C.H.E.S.S. database under the Great Bridge initiative list alter egos.
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