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Project 365 day 2

Your heroes, villains, vehicles, and HQs
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Project 365 day 2

Post by kn_runner »

First thing Trump won the election so... just wondering think we'll be around this time next year for me to finish this project?
By the way I would be saying the same thing if Clinton won!
Two bad choices... how did we get in this mess...?!?!

Now on to the stuff you are here about...
What Project 365? Well, I decided to take on the challenge of put out one new character conversion each day for the next year. Crazy uh? I decided to start my project with the characters of famed Villains & Vigilantes RPG. As there is so much material, where to start? I choice the Great Bridge, in which the villains of Japan are offered up to serve a new opponents for your heroes to battle.

Stingray-Mitsugi Ayaka

B 1 A 1 M 1

Motorcylce Driving/Tricks

Stingray 1X-E Hard Suit
Boost Agility 2pts
Boost Brawn 2pts
Power Blaster [Special Attack 2, X3Dmg, Long range, Limitation Charges]4pts

Moto-X [Unique Enhancement-Moto X can transform in Hurricane Battle Armor, Unique Limitation- MOTO x cannot transform unless pilot is wearing Stringray 1X] )0 pt

Bonus from Hurricane Armor
Increased Protection [Armor 3] 3pts
Increased Brawn [Boost Brawn 2] 2pts
Auto Sensor Array [Danger Sense] 2pts

Auto Shotgun [Special Attack 2, X3Dmg, Mid burst, Limitation usable only in Hurricane mode, Charges]4pts

Mental Malfunction- High tech hired gun

Super Vehicle
B2 A5 M1
Hovering 20sqs 1pt
Clinging 1pt
Super Speed 3 [Limitation Move only] 2pts
Adv-remote control
Disadv- Open

Combat- Without armor/Stringray/Hurricane
Priority x1 x1 x3
Run 3 sqs 9 sqs 9 sqs
Jumping 1 sqs 9 sqs 25 sqs
Soak x1 x3 x8
Defense x1 x3 x5
Mental Def x1 x1 x1

Stats 6 + powers 19 = 25

Origin & Background: We do have some information on the
suspected pilot, Miss Mitsugi Ayaka. Although never convicted of any crimes, she is a suspect in several theft and drug-related crimes. Miss Mitsugi seems to be someone who simply fell in with the wrong crowd.
A former athlete, she found life in the corporate sector un-fulfilling and began her life of petty crime. Although Department-88 does not yet know how she came into possession of the hard suit and the associated motorcycle, we do know that Ayaka has put both to profitable use in herrole as what the Americans would call a “hired gun.”
Her armor has two components, the hard suit and the motorcycle,
which can transform into a second layer of armor, adding greater
protection, strength, and firepower. By itself, the hard suit has proven a match for our own Samurai armor system. Miss Ayaka has
apparently done some modification to the hard suit, as its feminine
appearance is not shared by the articles in military testing.
For now, the exact whereabouts of Miss Mitsugi and her armor are not known. It is likely that she has changed her identity and has simply blended in with the population at large.

Combat Tactics/M.O.: Although she prefers to use her suit’s speed
to avoid direct fighting, Stingray is very capable. On the few occasions she has been pressed into combat with Samurai (our own parallel to your own Knights/Valkyries), she has proven herself a ferocious and skilled fighter, garnering her a modicum of respect from Department agents. In most instances Stingray will attempt to strike from cover, or will use her speed to strike quickly before retreating to set up for another attack. Should she deplete her plasma weapon, she will resort to using the nearest heavy object (such as a small car) as a bludgeon.
When clearly outmatched, she will put up enough of a fight to split her opponents up and then find an escape route.

Personality/Character Traits: Analysis of footage shows that while
she tends to shy away from police and Department personnel, she has no apparent issues when it comes to attacking vigilantes or any
criminals who come between her and her target. Curiously, she avoids committing any crime where a large civilian population is present. Also of note is that she has never actually done great harm to any police, military, or Department agent she has been forced to fight. This is more curious when one considers her battle with several Intercrime operatives where three were seriously injured.

Agent’s Notes: C.H.E.S.S. agents often express an admiration for
the advancement of armor systems in Japan, especially transforming armor. Although recent developments by the military research branch of the General Motors Corporation in the U.S. have been quite impressive; many of our counterparts from across the Pacific may be unfamiliar with the type. Aside from mobility, the greatest benefit of transforming vehicles is the effect of layered armor. Briefly, the outer armor absorbs damage first. Any damage penetrating the outer armor (transformed vehicle) is then absorbed by the pilot’s armor suit.
In addition to the above, the vehicle, once transformed, can use its on-board power supply to boost the performance of the pilot’s basic armor. This also allows for the use of larger, heavier weapons. To date, the standard is a single primary weapon and perhaps a smaller secondary weapon.

Ok this was a unique and crazy build... very Robotech Invid Invasion feel. if you have no ideal want that is STOP want your doing and go to Amazon buy the Robotech series. when it arrives lock yourself in and binge watch it. You'll thank me.

That's reminds me.. another couple of projects i'm working on the Robotech and Gundam mecha...

Ok 2 down 363 days to go...see you
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