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Posted: Tue May 03, 2016 10:02 pm
by Sijo

HUMAN TORCH (Hero- Hits 100)
Jonathan Lowell Spencer "Johnny" Storm
Brawn 1 (2 pts)
Agility 2 (4 pts)
Mind 1 (2 pts)
Damage Aura 5 [Linked to Ghost Form, +2 pts] /Energy Cost, Can be extinguished\ (6 pts) (11 point Energy Reserve)
-typical Power Tricks & Stunts:
*Damage Field [Variable]
*“Nova Burst” (Damage Aura with Burst, Annihilation and Space)
*Special Attack “Human Candle Punch” (concussive blasts of heat)
Flight 3 [Space +1pt] /Energy Cost, Can be extinguished\ (3 pts)
X Mastery 1 /Heat\ (1 pt)
-typical Power Tricks & Stunts:
*Energy Battery (Heat) [Countering]
Ghost Form 2 (Plasma Form) /Limited Duration: 16.8 Hours -1 pt\ (1 pt)
Skillful 1 (1 point)
Omni-Linguist /Gadget: Universal Translator, -1 pt\ (1 pt)
Negating Weakness (aftereffects of using Nova Burst, lasts 12 hours) -2 pts
Contacts: Inhumans, Lyja (Skrull ex-wife), Bones (cousin, owner of the Bones n Barley Circus)
Membership (in the Fantastic Four)
Public Id
Rogue’s Gallery (Frightful Four)
Technology/Modify x 2
Fantastic Four Uniform- has the following built in:
-Camera, Body
Mental Malfunction
Loverboy- Johnny Storm has had several crushes on tons of women.
8 Stats + 13 Powers - 2 Weakness = 19 points
Setbacks: +1 from Advantages

Background: Johnny Storm is Susan Storm’s younger brother. She took care of him ever since their mother died and their father went to jail. From a young age, he had a gift for mechanics. When his sister insisted in going with her fiance Dr. Richards into space, Johnny insisted in coming along too. They allowed it and so he too was exposed to the cosmic ray storm. In his case he gained fire-based powers. He named himself The Human Torch after the android hero with similar powers from World War II. He’s been a member of the Fantastic Four ever since.

Adaptation Notes:
-I forgot to mention it earlier, but starting with Mr. Fantastic I’ve been using as a source. It’s VERY up-to-date.
-Johnny’s flame can be smothered or extinguished, but it takes more than 5 gallons of water to do so.
-While Johnny can reach supersonic speeds on the upper atmosphere, his flame will go out in space.

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 10:42 am
by Solarblast
So I guess the last one is the Blue Eyed Benji.

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 12:42 pm
by Sijo
Yup. ;) Working on him right now.

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 9:58 pm
by Sijo
Thing (Benjamin Jacob Grimm)
Brawn‭ 5 (6) (10 ‬pts‭)
Agility‭ 2 ‬(4 pts‭)
Mind‭ 1 ‬(2 pts‭)
Hits‭ 100
Cosmic Might 1 (5 pts)
Resistance (to Heat and Sound) (1 pt)
Immunity (to aging) (1 pt)
Martial Arts Mastery (Tough and Grappling styles) (1 pt)
Mental Malfunction
Not So Tough- The Thing can appear grim, but is actually very kind-hearted.
Alter Ego: can change to Normal form but only 1 day every year
Contacts: Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, Thunderiders, Project Pegasus staff
Membership (in the Fantastic Four- see below)
Never Surrender
Arch-Enemy (She-Thing)
Public Identity
Breakdown:16‭ ‬Stats,‭ 8 ‬Powers ‭ = 24 ‬Points
Setbacks: +3 from Advantages

Ben Grimm grew up in New York’s Yancy Street. He belonged to the local street gang but left after his parents died (to this day, the gang harasses him with pranks.) He played football in college and met Reed Richards there. They became friends, and when Reed saved Ben’s life while on a tour of duty with the army, Ben promised to return the favor one day. Ben then became an expert test pilot, and was surprised when Reed asked him to fulfill his debt by piloting his experimental starship. He agreed reluctantly.
The cosmic storm they encountered affected him the worst- it turned him into a super strong, monstrous form. He called himself “a thing” and was mad at Reed, believing himself to be hideous. His friends calmed him down and Reed promised to find a cure. Meanwhile he joined the others in the Fantastic Four and became a celebrity.
While he has been returned to normal several times over the years, circumstances always cause him to return to that form. He has pretty much accepted his fate by now.

Adaptation Notes:
-The Thing used to be more in the Brawn 4 range, but after reading about some of his feats in the Marvel Wiki -such as catching buildings or stopping a piledriver that supposedly could punch through a planet- I decided he needed to have Cosmic-Level strength. Feel free to ignore this if you are not using a Cosmic Campaign.
-Ben only ages in human form, which he can only assume for a day every year (if he wants to.)
-I finally designed the FF Membership package! Here it is:

Fantastic Four Membership Package:‭ 9 ‬Perk Points
Advanced Research
Contacts‭ (‬SHIELD,‭ US Government)
Equipment‭ 3 (‬Fantastic Four Costume,‭ ‬Fantasti-Flare guns, Universal Translator)
Headquarters‭ ‬3‭ (‬Super Base‭)
Teamwork Training
Vehicles‭ ‬3‭ (‬Varied, +1‭)
Influence‭ ‬2‭ (‬Nationwide‭)
Drawback:‭ ‬Enemies‭ (‬Various Super Villains) ‬-3

Posted: Thu May 05, 2016 8:05 pm
by Sijo
(Villain, Hits 100)
Brawn 4 (8 pts)
Agility 1 (2 pts)
Mind 1 (2 pts)
Mimic (Skrull shape-shifting) (4 pts)
Mind Control (hypnotic gaze) (4 pts)
Damage Aura 3 /can be extinguished, -1 pt\ (2 pts)
-typical Power Tricks & Power Stunts:
*Damage Field [Variable]
*Flight [Space]
Energy Battery (Heat) (4 pts)
Transparency 3 [Affects Others, +1 pt] (4 pts)
Force Field 1 [Small Burst +1 pt, Unseen +2pts, Variable +1 pt] (5 pts)
Shape-Shifting /stretched forms only, -1 pt\ (3 pts)
-typical Power Tricks & Power Stunts:
*Martial Arts Mastery (Grappling style)
*Super Running
Weapon Technique (Energy Weapons) 2 pts
Weapon Technique (Unarmed) (1 pt)
Membership (in the Skrull Empire)
Public Id
Mental Malfunction
Warrior Pride- Kl'rt is always loyal to the Skrulls. Many in the Skrull Empire considered him a relic from a bygone era, but there are those who consider him a hero.
Breakdown: 12 Stats + 29 Powers = 41 pts

Background: Kl'rt was a warrior of the Skrulls, a race of shape-shifting extraterrestrials. After the Fantastic Four foiled their plot to discredit them, the Skrull Emperor demanded revenge. Kl'rt was selected to undergo a process that gave him enhanced versions of the Fantastic Four's Powers (plus hypnotism.) He was sent to defeat the heroes but Mister Fantastic realized his powers depended on an energy transmission from space, so he found a way to block it.
Over the years, Super-Skrull has clashed with the Four (and other heroes) several times; his status within the Empire has varied from outcast to emperor.

Adaptation Notes:
-While originally mightier than the Fantastic Four, each one of them has increased in power and skill over the years. Thus his powers are a bit weaker in comparison now, and he lacks many of their Power Stunts.
-Note that he no longer has a need to have energy beamed over to sustain his powers.
-His Freak disadvantage only applies on Earth when his true form is revealed. Conversely, most people don't know who he is on Earth but he's well known across the universe.

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 11:40 pm
by Sijo
SUPERMAN (Kal-El, Clark Kent)
(Hero, Hits 100)
Brawn 5 (10 pts)
Agility 5 (10 pts)
Mind 2 (4 pts)
Special Attack (+1 with Mind Damage) [Cone Area +1, Variable +1] (Heat Vision) (3 pts)
Super Senses 4 (Super Hearing, Telescoping Vision, Microscopic Vision, Infrared Vision) (4 pts)
X-Ray Vision (3 pts)
Flight 2 [Overdrive, +1 pt] (3 pts)
Armor 3 /Not vs Magic -1 pt\ (2 pts)
Immunity 1 (Doesn’t need to breathe) /Limited Duration, 1 hour\ (Super Breath) (1 pt)
Immunity 2 (Toxins & Disease) (2 pts)
Valiant Defender (2 pts)
Negating Weakness (red sun radiation) (-2 pts)
Devastating Weakness (to Kryptonite Radiation) (-4 pts)
Mental Malfunction
Indomitable Will: Having been raised by a kindly Kansas farmer and his wife, he was taught to protect life and help others. He is very optimistic and never gives up, even when things look bad.
Contacts (The Kents, Daily Planet, Legion of Superheroes)
Headquarters (Fortress of Solitude)
Membership (in Justice League Unlimited)
Arch-Enemy (Lex Luthor)
In a Relationship (Lois Lane)
Rogue’s Gallery (Kryptonian Villains)
Investigation/Questioning (+2)
24 Stats, 20 Powers, -6 Weaknesses = 38 Points
Setbacks: +3 from Advantages

Background: Jor-El of the Planet Krypton discovered his world would soon explode. He tried to warn the governing body but the planet’s main computer, Brainiac, contradicted him (it intended to escape by itself). Thus he was only able to save his infant son, Kal-El by shooting him into space in a small spaceship.
The ship was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent of Smallville, USA. They raised Kal under the name of Clark Kent. As he discovered his superhuman abilities while growing up, his adoptive parents finally showed him the spaceship. Inside, he found a device with information sent by Jor-El allowing him to learn of his origins.
Clark decided to use his powers for the good of humanity by taking the costumed identity of Superman. During his very first outing he would encounter Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, two persons that would have a major impact on his life.
Soon after he joined the Daily Planet and became one of its top reporters. He later also encountered and battled Brainiac.
Eventually becoming a hero admired world-wide, he’s also a founder and major member of the Justice League.

Adaptation Notes:
-I decided not to give Superman Super-Speed, because he’s already powerful enough, making him as fast as Flash would make him invincible- foes like Lobo would logically never even touch him. I settled for giving him Agility 5, with Valiant Defender to do the “catch bullets” trick. Oh and he flies at hundreds of miles an hour (faster than a speeding bullet, natch) but not as fast as the “official” Superman who can fly across planets.
-Similarly, while he has Agility 5, he only has 1 Physical Skill slot- this is because when his powers are Negated, his Agility (and Brawn) drops to 1.

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:09 pm
by Sijo

This time, I'll show you an example of how I do my adaptations!

Research: Note- Batman is a character who has existed for over 75 years and has changed a lot over various media. So, rather than adapt any particular version, I decided to list those traits most often affiliated with him, and which made most sense *to me*.

Background: Bruce Wayne saw his parents shot dead in an apparent robbery as a child. This caused him to grow up determined to help fight crime in Gotham City. He did this by studying criminology. However this led him to realize the numerous legal loopholes used by organized crime to avoid prosecution- not to mention how deep corruption ran in the city. Furthermore, he discovered his parent’s deaths weren’t accidental- it had been a ‘hit’ ordered by a Mob Boss whom his father had “offended” by refusing to work for him.

Wayne was now obsessed with bringing an end to organized crime in the city, but also realized there was only one way to do so: by learning their secrets and exposing them to the authorities. To this end, he appropriated a prototype stealth suit that Wayne Enterprises had been developing so he could enter the lairs of mobsters or their agents and obtain evidence that he could then present to his contacts in the police (not for use in a court of law, as illegally obtained evidence is not admissible, but to provide them with intel that would help honest cops in their own crime-fighting operations.)

As a side effect of his efforts however, an urban legend of a “Bat-Man” sprung in the city, since his suit projects a bat-like silhouette in the dark. Most people don’t believe in it and Wayne himself doesn’t care, although those who have come to meet him call him “Batman” for lack of a better name.

Powers: Batman is well-known for being a major hero without powers. However in BASH some of his skills and Equipment count as such. We’ll cover them in the appropriate sections.

Weaknesses: Again, none.

Equipment: I’m going with the Stealth Suit option from “Batman Begins” to explain his silly costume. This would be a Power (Transparency 2 /Translucent, Only in Shadows\ 2 points) with no Gadget limitations (it cannot be stolen while he’s conscious.) The “ears” are radio antenna for his bugs (see below). And the cape is for Gliding (/Gadget, Fragile\ 1 point) again to justify his carrying around such a cumbersome thing. Maybe it’s in case he falls from a building.

As for the bat-belt, I know many people like giving him either Conjuring or Gadgeteering for this, but most evidence I’ve seen shows him using devices made by his company rather than by him, and there was even an official list of the belt’s contains once. Therefore I decided to use Equipment instead. He has pretty much every item in the list, except Hi-Tech ones like blasters; but the only pieces he consistently carries are batarangs (boomerangs), bugs (1 CP), and a grappling hook and rope (for climbing.) He probably also carries tools for gathering evidence: a lockpick gun, a camera and a hacking drive.

Let’s also give him the Power Weapon Technique (Boomerangs) (1 pt) so he can use his weapons to the fullest.

Advantages & Disadvantages:
I choose the following Advantages for Wayne:
Appeal (I lost count of all the women, good and evil, who have had crushes on him)
Contacts (primary: Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya)
Frightening Presence (more from his attitude than his looks)
Furtive Movements (if you’d rather not use the stealth power, use this)
Headquarters (The Batcave)
Membership (Justice League, Outsiders, Batman Family, or whichever)
Sidekick/Pet (usually (a) Robin, but sometimes Alfred or even Ace the Bathound)
Super Vehicle (The Batmobile, which should be more of a stealth than combat vehicle. He has had others as well, but this is the best known).
As for Disadvantages, I pick:
Arch-Enemy (No, not the Joker, but rather, Ra’s al Ghul, who is both a match for him and a natural enemy for being the head of the League of Assassins)
Rogue’s Gallery (Gotham City Criminals; most Batman Villains are no match for him either physically or intellectually, and they’re not his main target anyway).

That’s six Advantages more than Disadvantages, so we have to account for them some way. I assign six Setbacks to Batman now.

Additionally, Batman has been described as having trained to peak physical and mental condition, so we give him a Score of 2 in all Stats.

Mental Malfunction: This one is well-known: “Sworn to Fight a War on Crime”.

Batman is known as “The World’s Greatest Detective" and has been known as “The World’s Greatest Escape Artist" (not that necessary, but let’s keep it) so he gets Investigation/Finding Clues and Escapology/Improvising, and spends his skill slots for a +2 bonus each. He’s also “one of the World’s greatest Martial Artists" another thing I find unnecessary but If you want, give him the Power Martial Arts level 3.

Stats: As mentioned, he’s got Brawn 2, Agility 2 and Mind 2 (12 points total)

Hits: 100, as for any true Hero.

Breakdown: Powers 7 points, Equipment 1 point, Stats 12 points = 20 points

Setbacks: 6

Batman (Bruce Wayne)
(Hero, Hits 100)
Brawn 2
Agility 2
Mind 2
Gliding /Gadget, Fragile\ (cape)
Martial Arts 3
Transparency /Translucent, Only in Shadows\
Weapon Technique (boomerang)
Mental Malfunction: Sworn to Fight a War on Crime
Contacts (primary: Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya)
Frightening Presence
Furtive Movements
Headquarters (The Batcave)
Membership (in a super team)
Super Vehicle (The Batmobile)
Arch-Enemy (Ra’s al Ghul)
Rogue’s Gallery (Gotham City Criminals)
Escapology/Improvising x2
Investigation/Finding Clues x2
Equipment: boomerangs, bugs, rope, grappling hook, lockpick gun, body camera, hacking drive.
Breakdown: 20 CPs, 6 Setbacks

And there you have it! Of course, I don’t expect everyone to agree with my take, but you can at least use it as a starting point; just change anything you feel is necessary. Remember than in a higher level campaign (read: when working with Justice League-level heroes) Batman gets Hero Points to compensate.

Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:27 pm
by Sijo
The Flash!
Police criminologist Barry Allen of Central City was struck by lightning while working on his lab one night. The combination of electricity and random chemicals gave him superhuman speed! Naming himself after a previous superfast hero, he started a long career as one of the word’s greatest heroes, The Flash!
[Note: the actual cause of his powers has varied over the years. I'm sticking to the original here.]
Identity: The Flash (Barry Allen (secret identity)
Status: Hero
Hits: 100
Brawn 1 (2 points)
Agility 1 (2 points)
Mind 1 (2 points)
Hyperspeed 5 (5 pts)
Ghost Form 3 “vibration control” 3 pts
Immunity 2 (friction, vacuum) [Affects Others, +1] “invisible aura” 3 pts
Advantages (5 points)
Instant Change (costume is compressed inside his ring)
Membership (in the Justice League- World Class Super Team)
Time Machine (cosmic treadmill)
Disadvantages (-3 points)
Arch-Enemy (Professor Zoom)
In a Relationship (with Iris Allen, his wife)
Rogue’s Gallery (The Flash’s Rogues Gallery- Captain Boomerang, Captain cold, Heat Wave etc. )
Mental Malfunction: Scientist- loves science and exploration.
Athletics/Running x 1
Investigation/Analysis x1
Breakdown: Stats 6 + Powers 11 + Advantages 5 – Disadvantages 3 = 19

Design Notes:
*As usual I give my characters 1 in all Stats unless there is evidence they are higher or lower.
*Powers- He *is* the Fastest Man Alive. I treated his vibrations as a separate power rather than a Hyperspeed Power Stunt because the amount of control he showed over his molecules cannot be explained just with speed. Also his aura was stolen once (by Black Hand) indicating it too was a separate Power. :wink:

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:07 am
by Solarblast
Sijo wrote:Image
INVISIBLE WOMAN (Susan Storm-Richards)
(Hero, Hits 100)
Brawn 1 (2 pts)
Agility 2 (4 pts)
Mind 2 (4 pts)
Transparency 3 [Affects Others +1 pt, transparent to infrared and ultraviolet +2 pts] (6 pts)
-typical Power Tricks & Stunts:
*Nullify /Invisibility Only\
*Sense Invisibility
Conjuring 4 [Unseen, +2 pts, Extra Effect: Immune to Telekinesis and Telepathy, +2 pts ] /simple objects only\ (force fields) (7 pts)
-typical Power Tricks & Stunts:
*Special Attacks
*Flight /Tethered\
Boost 1 (Mind, only with Conjuring) (1 pts)
Omni-Linguist /Gadget: Universal Translator, Easily Taken, -1 pt\ (1 pt)
Damaging Weakness (x 2 Knockback from attacks on her force fields) (-2 pts)
Mental Malfunction
Repressed- Despite being normally happy and kind, Sue has a lot of repressed frustrations.
Alter Ego (Malice,Villain personality, Inconvenient, changes when her emotions are manipulated)
Contacts (SHIELD, The Initiative, The Uhari)
Membership (in the Fantastic Four)
Steward (Franklin, son)
In a Relationship (Mister Fantastic, husband)
Public Identity
Rogue’s Gallery (Frightful Four)
Ward (Valeria, Daughter)
Perform/Acting and Dance
Social Science/History
Fantastic Four Uniform (has a built-in smartphone)
Fantasti-Flare (Flare Gun, 1 cp)
10 Stats + 15 Powers - 2 Weakness +1 Equipment = 24 pts
+1 from Advantages (Inconvenient Alter Ego doesn’t count)

Susan Storm was a model who developed a crush on Reed Richards. That motivated her to get a doctorate of her own. She was present when Reed defeated Gormuu. Therefore she understood his urgency to get his space program started, and when she found out he intended to test the ship by himself she insisted in coming along. After the cosmic rays they were exposed to mutated them, she found she could become invisible, thus the press dubbed her The Invisible Girl (years later she would change it to Invisible Woman.) She and Reed were eventually married and had two children, Franklin and Valeria, tough both have caused them grief involuntarily (Franklin has latent godlike powers, Valeria died in childbirth but Franklin later resurrected her.)

Adaptation Notes:
-Transparency is a form of Invisibility with almost the same mechanics. It's from Awesome Powers #3.
-I used Conjuring instead of Force Field because the maximum size of a (solid, not hollow) force object she can create is 100 feet, just as for Conjuring (note that with the simple objects limit, she only needs Level 4 to make this.)
-from now on I'll save time (and space) by writing up many powers as Power Stunts or Tricks.
-Sue's force fields appear to be psionic, and block other psionic powers.
-Yes, she is affected by inertia on her fields. Don't ask me how.
-The Mind Boost is so she can make the Mind roll for her maximum size fields.
-The Uhari are a race of Fish-men she actually became the Regent of.
-After much thinking I decided Franklin is best described as a Powerhouse (see ADEL file pg. 4) which makes Sue his Stewart (I guess Reed is, too. Haven't worked that out yet.)
-On the other hand, while Valeria also has a potential powerful future self, she currently is just a (genius) kid, so I classified her as a Ward.
-Her skills reflect her careers as a former actress and substitute teacher. I admit I had to stretch things a bit to fill up all the slots (I insist: the BASH skill system needs an update.)
Really nice picture of Sue.

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:53 pm
by Sijo
Green Lantern
Hal Jordan is an American test pilot who was chosen by a dying alien to receive an object resembling a green lantern, along with a ring. He found that by touching the ring to the lantern, it would be charged with a "green light" that he could will into a variety of useful forms. He used it to become a superhero called "Green Lantern." He also discovered that the alien belonged to a galactic organization of law-enforcers, and he had been chosen as his successor, watching over a sector of space that included Earth.
Status: Hero
Hits: 100
Brawn 1 (2 pts)
Agility 1 (2 pts)
Mind 3 (6pts)
"psychoplasmic energy" (Wizardry, uses a Mind check instead of Occultism) 4 [Second Nature, +1], /No effect on yellow things, -1\ 4 pts
Weapon Technique 1 [+1 to DM with hand-to-hand attacks] "GL Corps combat training" 2 pts
Negating Weakness: must recharge his power ring with the power battery every 24 hours. -2 pts
Advantages (4 pts)
Alter Ego (power ring AI)
Instant Change
Membership (in the Green Lantern Corps- Intergalactic Super Team)
Membership (in the Justice League- World Class Super Team)
Disadvantages (-3 pts)
In a Relationship (with Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire, occasional lover/foe)
Rogue’s Gallery (Sonar, Dr. Polaris, Major Disaster etc)
Mental Malfunction: Obstinate- Hal tends to think he’s right unless proven wrong.
Humanities/Foreign Cultures x 5
Pilot/Control x 1
Breakdown: Stats 10, Powers 6, Advantages 4, Weakness -2, Disadvantages -3 = 15

Design notes:
* I went back-and-forth on whether I should use Boost to represent Hal’s willpower. I finally decided that his Mind represents both his will and the abilities of the power ring’s AI.
* The yellow weakness has been explained away as being due to the presence of the fear monster Parallax inside the main Power Battery, who has since been removed. You can remove it if you want but I thought I’d include it for old time’s sake.
*Similarly the new GL rings do seem to have a Finite charge instead of a 24 hour one which fits in with Wizardry’s failure Limitation, so you can also remove the Weakness if you like.
*The hand-to-hand combat training is courtesy of GL drill sergeant Killowog.
*Alter Ego represents the ring being able to act on its own if commanded; they aren't really sentient. Note that the cultures skill represents the rings data on alien cultures.
*I considered building the ring as a Gadget or Relic but ultimately went for the Instant Change/Normal combination. Just treat the ring as part of the costume (actually its the other way around.)
*Where are Sinestro and other alien Green Lantern villains? They are covered under the GL Corps membership package.

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 9:05 pm
by Sijo
Wonder Woman
Background: Princess Diana is the daughter of Hyppolita, Queen of the Amazons. Thousands of years ago, a prophecy was made that a Doom would come that only an Amazon could prevent (but didn't specify what the Doom was or which Amazon would stop it.) To play it safe, the gods sent the Amazons to a paradise of an island, one where time moved at a different rate and where they could wait for the appointed time to come.
The moment came in modern times. The Amazons decided to hold a contest to choose who the champion they would send to "Man's World" would be. Diana won, and was granted wondrous powers and items. She arrived in America, where she was mistaken for a superhero- and in fact, she was impressed and honored by the nobility and symbolism of those modern warriors, and accepted to assume the identity of- Wonder Woman!
Eventually, she fulfilled her mission (which turned out to be stopping the god Ares from manipulating a World War) but afterwards decided to remain in the modern world to learn and to further the cause of peace and justice.
Status: Hero
Hits: 100
Brawn 5 ("Strength of Hercules") 10 pts
Agility 2 (4 pts)
Mind 2 ("Wisdom of Athena") 4 pts
Super Speed 5 (or Hyperspeed 5) "Speed of Hermes" 5 pts
Deflect 3 /Gadget, Easily Taken, -1 pt\ "Amazon Bracelets" 2 pts
Mind Control /Gadget, Easily Taken; Situational, only to make target tell the truth -1\ 4 pts "Magic Lasso"
Weapon Technique 1 (+1 to Hit) [with both hand-to-hand and ranged weapon groups, +2] 3 pts
Negating Weakness (loses Powers if her bracelets are bound together) - 2 pts
Advantages (5 pts)
Appeal ("Beauty of Aphrodite")
Instant Change
Membership (in the Justice League-World Class Super Team)
Super Vehicle (Invisible Plane)
Disadvantages (- 3pts)
Arch-Enemy: Mars/Ares
In a Relationship: with Steve Trevor
Rogue’s Gallery: Cheetah, Giganta, Circe, etc.
Mental Malfunction
Mercy. Diana always tries the pacifistic way first, and to redeem her foes.
Athletics/Running x 2
Humanities/Philosophy x 2
Military/Tactics x 2
Ride (Kanga)/Gallop x 2
Boomerang (her tiara)
Lasso (1 point)
Stats 18 + Powers 14 + Advantages 5 + Equipment 1 Weakness -2 Disadvantages -3 = 33 Character Points

Design Notes
*This is a combination of ideas and details from the various versions of the character across decades and media.
*Wasn't Diana made from clay? In many versions including the original, yes. But I don't like that, for several reasons. First, some people think it means she can revert to clay if the magic fades, as if she were a golem! Second, at least one version of her origin has her (and the amazons) be remade from the souls of women murdered by men (what?) Why can't she simply be another of Hyppolita's children by the Hero Theseus? (not Zeus, tho, he's a *.) Ultimately I just left it vague.
*I also left it vague which World War Diana intervened in, so you can fit her in the first, second or when she prevented World War III.
*In some versions, Diana's strength comes from her mother's girdle. Since in most the Power is her own I decided to avoid it.
*Diana's Agility, Weapon Techniques, and Athletic and Riding skills reflect her being the winner of the Amazons' contest.
*Similarly her Mind and Mental skills reflect Athena's wisdom (that was tricky to model.)
*Yes, Diana's bracelets and lasso *can* be taken away in battle. Provided you can match her that is. ;)
*The "binding" weakness was eliminated after the 70's for being considered antifeministic (or kinky, or both) but I included it here since so many people have heard of it. Feel free to delete it.
*Can't Wonder Woman fly? Good question. Originally, she could "glide on air currents." Later she was given the Sandals of Hermes. At some point they said * it, and just gave her flight. Except if she can fly, why does she need a plane? I decided to leave her "grounded". You decide if you want her to fly.
*Poor Steve Trevor. They keep killing him or separating him from Diana. But he keeps coming back. I guess he's just too connected to her.
*For the record, I hate the interpretation of Diana as just a primitive warrior who uses swords and doesn't think twice of skewering foes. OK she's an Amazon, but she's a superhero *first* and the greatest heroine of all time, too. Leave that stuff for Xena.
*Kangas are some kind of mutant kangaroo beasts the Amazons used to ride in the old stories. They haven't been used in a long time. Substitute normal horses if you want.
*The Boomerang Tiara thing is mostly a joke reference to the TV show (though she *did* use her tiara that way in the comics too.) Ignore it if you find it silly.

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:49 am
by Sijo
Background: Arthur Curry is the son of a lighthouse keeper named Tom Curry and a woman named Atlanna. When she died, she revealed that she was the exiled queen of Atlantis. Arthur discovered he had inherited his mother’s powers and began using them to perform aquatic feats and to fight crime, which earned him the name “Aquaman.” Eventually, he found Atlantis and claimed his rightful throne. Later he would marry Mera, queen of an extradimensional aquatic world, and together they had a son, Arthur Curry Jr. aka as “Aquababy”.
Status: Hero
Hits: 100
Brawn: 3 (6 pts)
Agility: 3 (6 pts)
Mind: 1 (2 pts)
Immunity (drowning, pressure, cold) 3 pts
Super Swimming 5 (5 pts)
Telepathy 3 (3 pts)
X-Mastery 5 (Aquatic Creatures) 5 pts
Super Senses 1 (night vision) 1 pt
Keen Senses 2 (hearing, smell) 2 pts
Vulnerability (must be immersed in water at least once a day)-2 pts
Advantages (3 pts)
Membership (in the Justice League- World-Wide Super Team)
Sidekick/Pet (Aqualad/Topo the octopus)
In A Relationship (with Mera, his wife)
Rogue’s Gallery (Black Manta, Ocean Master, The Fisherman etc.)
Ward (Aquababy, his son)
Athetics/Swimming x4
Military/Command x1
Trident (treat as a Spear)
Stats 14 Powers 19 Advantages 3 Weakness -2 Disadvantages -3 = 31 Character Points

Design Notes:
*Yes, I’m ignoring a lot of stuff from Aquaman’s revised origins and recently published adventures. Admit it, it’s convoluted. His father wasn’t his real father? He was raised by dolphins? They introduced another Arthur Curry? They had one of his hand eaten by piranhas? They turned him into a Sub-Mariner stand-in? Blonde hair is the mark of a curse? Vulko is evil? Please!!
*I also did not mention that Aquababy was killed by Black Manta because *, that was cruel, one of the first truly shocking moments in comics that signaled the end of the Silver Age and the start of the Bronze one. (Besides Jr. is alive in some versions, such as the Brave and The Bold cartoon.) You decide if you want to include this event.
*main reference source: Aquaman (Arthur Curry) page in

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 4:04 pm
by Saker
I love character builds, and your builds specifically. They are very creative and document assumptions, which is important when interpreting iconic comic characters.

I've couple of issues that I'd like to understand your point of view:
1. Attack and damage vs. defense and soak. Martial Arts provides bonuses to defense and soak, such that a Brawn and Agility 2, can get a defense and soak of x4 in melee. Without giving Batman bonuses to attack and damage (like Weapon Technique), he is not equivalent to himself (a great martial artist). So, a combat will be very long between equivalent fighters with an offense of x2 and a defense of x4. Does that make sense?

2. And Flash, how does he generate damage? I always see him hitting people a bunch of times or delivering a massive punch after running. Maybe it's in the power of Hyperspeed vs. the UE version of Super Speed.


Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:15 pm
by Sijo
First of all, thanks for your feedback Saker. :)

As for your questions:
*Martial Arts are indeed a complex issue in BASH. To truly represent them well you need more than just Martial Art Mastery (though this Power is expanded in AP #8) but other Intense Training Powers as well. However as a rule, I only list discrete Powers and not anything that might be covered by a Power Stunt. And in any case, Batman so seldom fights someone who can match him hand-to-hand its hard to judge his abilities other than by the hype given him. So since he's "One of the World's Greatest Martial Artists" I gave him MAM 3 and called it a day.
*With Flash, we again have the Power Stunt deal, even more so since they were his specialty (hence Versatile Advantage.) Most of the time he stunted Super Running and used it to clobber minions. But you notice how say, Captain Boomerang could *still* nail him with well, boomerangs? You'd think he would disarm him (and most of his Rogue's Gallery) before they could blink...

Oh and the difference between Hyperspeed and Super Speed is that instead of extra Panels per page, you can choose multiple speed-based stunts (no Hero dice needed) on a single Panel.

Posted: Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:59 am
by Saker
Agree about the complicated martial arts. It's just that with Attack and Damage at x2, Batman would need power stunts to put down minions, right?

My group has had fun with 15 point characters, and I really like the idea of low point iconic characters. But, it's that interaction with minions that becomes a design constraint.