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Power Set Design Options

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Joined: Aug 02, 2012
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Location: Puerto Rico

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:59 am    Post subject: Power Set Design Options Reply with quote

The following is a summary of the options you have when choosing the Powers for your BASH character:

Linked: This allows two Powers to be used at the same time. They must both have the same Range and Area (if any).
If you want to use two Powers that normally cannot be used at the same time (such as most attacks) use this. Example: Freezing Beam- Immobilization 3 [Short Range, +1 pt] [Linked to Slow 2 , Lethargic, Short Range, +2 pts] 6 pts total.

Multi-Power: This allows you to buy extra Powers for only 1 point each (2 if they are different Categories- but see Power Suite, below.) You can only use one of these Powers at a time.
I recommend that you pick Powers that cannot be used together anyway for this, that way you won't feel limited. Examples: Offensive Powers, Movement Powers

From the Awesome Powers series, you get these options:

Power Suites: These are lists of Powers with a common Theme (example: Fire Powers) For the most part this has no mechanics effect except for Multi-Powers- all Powers in a Power Suite Multi-Power cost only 1 point each.
You can also use a Power Suite as a guide to help decide what Powers are allowed as Power Tricks.

Gadget Bundle: These is an alternate way to build a Gadget with multiple Powers. Instead of listing the Soak and Hits separately they are added together (max. of 50 Soak, 100 Hits) and it has all the Gadget Limitations and Enhancements listed. For more rules on Gadget Bundles, see Awesome Powers #6.

Power Bundle: Based on Gadget Bundle, this option will be available in Awesome Powers #11.

Finally, remember that Power Categories matter- not just for Multi-Powers, some have built-in effects: Intense Training can be used by Normals, most Mental Powers have special Range (10 Squares and/or line of sight, whichever is shorter), are invisible and only affect Sentient beings; and Cosmic Powers cannot have certain Enhancements and Limitations (Multi-Power, Linked, Burn-Out, Energy Cost, Finite. or Recharge.)

Category Suggestions:
Primary Powers- these help define the "Theme" of the character:
*Intense Training
*Cosmic (if allowed in the Campaign)
Secondary Powers- these help 'round out' the character's abilities:
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Cosmic Hero
Cosmic Hero

Joined: Apr 06, 2010
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great points on power options for BASH. In the vein of Linked and Multi-power, I'd like to add both After Effect and Doubles (Secondary Power) to the above recommendations as these enhancements are two more ways to bundle powers together.

After Effect: With this enhancement, you add a secondary power that only takes effect if the primary power was successful. [Awesome Powers #1]

Doubles (Secondary Power): By foregoing the "exploding dice" effect when you achieve a doubles result (matching numbers) on the dice roll for using the primary power, you can choose to instead have a secondary power also take effect (either affecting yourself, or the same target affected by the primary power). [Awesome Powers #2]
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