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BASH - Basic Action Super Heroes :: View topic - Golden Age Superheroes Campaign.

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Golden Age Superheroes Campaign.

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All-Father of Bash!
All-Father of Bash!

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:53 am    Post subject: Golden Age Superheroes Campaign. Reply with quote

Last time, our Heroes were:

Reaper: a former racecar driver, brought back from the dead by a mystical pact with Death herself to rid the world of evil. Powers involve a set of mystical chains and a ghost-car (a supped up Rolls Royce).

Major Tank: A bank-robbing ex-con with an enormous battlesuit equipped with machineguns and a retractable cannon, who was given a second chance by Uncle Sam if he'd put those pistons to work tearing apart enemy tanks instead of bank vaults.

One-Man Army: Subjected to a scientific experiment in teleportation gone awry, One-Man Army can split himself (and his uniform and equipment he was carrying at the time) into up to 5 duplicates at once.

Miss Dynamite: She has no superhuman powers, but a brilliant mind... which seems fixated on causing explosions. Armed to the teeth with various grenades and a bazooka. She is a one-woman war wagon.

Night Owl: An owl subjected to scientific experiments mutated into a humanoid body, and developed genius level intellect. Night Owl is highly skilled, can fly, and has excellent stealth and perceptive abilities, making him the recon expert.

Next time new heroes may show up, but we wanted to record who did what last time.

The team was briefed by Colonel Victory, an army liason to superhuman recruits, who seems to have some powers of his own, though they remain a mystery. The situation: a castle high in the Austrian Alps, far from any "second front" that people have been buzzing about lately; there is a mad scientist, Doktor Eugenic, who has been working for the Nazis, helping them to develop their own superhumans to unleash on the allies. He is on the verge of a major breakthrough that could turn the war against the Allies; the Heroes are tasked with capturing Eugenic and the new technology if possible; if not, destroying them.

On the way there, they ran into an enemy recon station equipped with a radio and protected by SS troops using flak cannons and also experimental flying commando units wearing jet-packs and force-field belts. Miss Dynamite managed to blow a hole in the building with her bazooka, preventing them from getting a radio message out. Reaper grappled some commandos with his chains up in the air, while Miss Dynamite threw a grenade at them, causing a chain reaction exploding the jet-packs, though she was injured in the return fire. Major Tank got the majority of the enemy's attention, but stood stoically as hot lead rolled off him like so much water off a duck's back. He then brought the thunder himself, using the Tank Gun to blow apart a half dozen SS troops, and his machineguns to bring down a wing of flying commandos. One-Man Army split up and managed to pepper various enemies with gunfire from his Thomson SMG, including bringing down the very last flying commandos who were intent on escape (and whose jet packs would have guaranteed it had they managed to get out of range).
Night Owl successfully impersonated the soldiers, convincing the command back at the base that everything was fine. So far, the heroes continue undetected making their way to Doktor Eugenic's castle, where we will pick up next time.
Chris Rutkowsky
Basic Action Games
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Can we see the write-ups of these characters?
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