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One-Shot Justice League the New Frontier

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All-Father of Bash!
All-Father of Bash!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:09 am    Post subject: One-Shot Justice League the New Frontier Reply with quote

So today I attended the Endgame Mini-Con in Oakland. I'd heard great things about this store, and finally made it there, and it was a great place for gamers. I came with the intent of playing in a BASH! UE game someone else was running, and wanted to be incognito about the fact that I was the games' designer (GM's don't want that kind of pressure). I was also psyched that Endgame was stocking my game (I even have evidence of it, seen here:

However, our group's GM was a no-show that day- which the owner said, has only ever happened once before in all the years that they've done these mini-cons- so he was pretty surprised.

Anyway, at that point I told the disappointed players that I could run a scenario for them set in the Justice League: New Frontier continuity, and confessed that I was the designer of the game (since there was no other GM whose toes I didn't want to step on anymore).

Spoiler Alert: If you are planning on attending Kubla-Con or Pacificon and play in my Justice League: New Frontier game that is scheduled, you may just want to not read the rest.

I had brought my rpg backpack, and had a bunch of pregens in there, and they selected Aquaman, Hawkgirl, Flash, and Plastic Man. This same binder had some villains in it and short module I wrote to run for friends in the New Frontier continuity.

We began en media res with the Justice League heading to Coast City to take on the evil alien overlord, Starro the Conquerer. It's 1962, and the Justice League has just been granted a shiny new Hall of Justice HQ by the US government, which has been trying to salvage a better relationship with the superhero community under the Kennedy administration.

The fight is on a suspension bridge. Now, I did not bring my usual tackle-box full-o-Hero Clix to this game, since I had been expecting someone else to be GMing- but the store had some excellent terrain for playing Warhammer 40k, etc with, which included a big bridge. We used dice for the characters (a red d4 for the Flash, Orange d12 for Hawkgirl, blue d10 for Plastic Man, and green d8 for Aquaman) and because we had no map grid, we used a tape-measure that the store had as well. I said I could have run the game without any minis at all, but I just really like using them.

The major threat on the Bridge is Starro himself, but also dozens of innocent bystanders under Starro's control- including the crew of the national guard tank that showed up to stop starro.

Wasting no time, the Flash zipped right up to the tank, and using his super speed, vibrated so fast that he phased through the molecules of the tank, to enter the inside of it. He then made quick work of removing the starfish from their faces, and stuffed them into the barrel of the tank.

Hawk Girl grabbed a nearby rope and lassooed a bunch of the bystanders, and pulled them to safety, for which I gave a Hero point (I usually do this whenever a player spends their turn saving innocents rather than trying to just be a bad-ass the whole time punching bad-guys).

Plastic Man turned his arms into Ginsu knives, and said "who ordered the sushi" and began chopping away at Starro's tenticle (since Starro is a starfish who can heal super-fast, we didn't really regard this as a breach of any "code vs. killing" they may have, especially since he was only targeting the limbs).

Then, Aquaman used his telepathy to command all of the starfish to let go of the humans' faces and crawl back into the sea. After a battle of wills with Starro, the Sea King managed to save everyone in Coast City- for which I also awarded some hero points.

Starro went all-out trying to kill Aquaman for this affront to his hegemony, and while he did deal the Sovereign of Atlantus a mighty blow, the mighty Aquaman remained unconquered.

Next page, while Hawk-girl's mace could not crack his chitinous hide, Plastic Man had figured out that Starro had a weakness to cutting attacks, and worked together with the Flash by turning into a chainsaw. Yes. Flash + Chainsaw. The end result was an armless Starro, all ready for the Green Lantern to take to Oa where he was wanted for conquering other planets.

After saving the world, the Heroes met at the Hall of Justice, to be debriefed by Amanda Waller- JFK's appointed Liaison between the JLA and the US Defense Dept.

-to be continued-[/img]
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

So... Um... When are you coming to MisCon? Because this sounds freaking awesome. Very Happy
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