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BASH - Basic Action Super Heroes :: View topic - Project 365 Remainder of Great Bridge

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Project 365 Remainder of Great Bridge

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Supporting Character
Supporting Character

Joined: Jan 23, 2013
Posts: 9

PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 11:46 am    Post subject: Project 365 Remainder of Great Bridge Reply with quote

Well i was able to post yesterday but I'll make it up day.

What Project 365? Well, I decided to take on the challenge of put out one new character conversion for each day of the follow year. Crazy uh? I decided to start my project with the characters of famed Villains & Vigilantes RPG. As there is so much material, where to start?

I choice the Great Bridge, in which the villains of Japan are offered up to serve a new opponents for your heroes to battle.
Per suggestion and request I"ll be posting the remainder of the Great Bridge under the post, adding to it daily. which soon take about 2 weeks or so.

So on to #8 and 9

Matsugi-Mimasame Matsugi

B 1 A 1 M 2

Stealth/Palming and Planting
Occultism +1
Dark Light Blast Spell [Special Attack 1,x3dmg, mid line]3pts
Regeneration Spell [Healing 2] 2pts
Invulnerability Spell [Deflect 2] 2pts
Trans-portal Spell [Continual Damage 3 After effect Mind Control, Enhacement-Doesn't need to issue orders, Limiation-Situational, Concentration] 6pts
Strength of the Dark Forces [Boost to mind 2, only for purpose of mind control] 2pts

Note for Trans-portal Spell- If Matsugi makes her attack roll, the victim is transport to Second Earth. There the Dark Forces assault the victim spirit, which is the Continual Damage attack. If the victim is reduce to 0 health. The Dark Force have corrupted the victim turning them evil. this is the mind control. The Victim is return to our Earth but now as an evil version of themselves.
Matsugi doesn't have to issue orders to the victim but the victim may try to break free but thanks to Dark Forces, the victim must make a mind check against Matsugi who's Mind will now be 4.

True Telepathy 3pts
Astral Projection 4pts

Mental Malfunction- Dark Shadow of her former self

Photographic Memory

Age [15]

Prority x1
Move Run 3sqs Jumping 1sqs
Soak x1
Defense x3
Mental Defense x2

Stats 8 + powers 22 = 30

Hero points
Origin & Background: All her life Matsugi has dreamed of one thing: being a normal girl. Unfortunately, her crazy grandmother had other ideas. Matsugi, it seems, inherited the family gift for magic. Where other kids would fall out of a chair, Matsugi would fall out of her own body.
Fortunately, her grandmother was there to help young Matsugi learn to control the mystical energies flowing through her body.
Being young, Matsugi used her ability to leave her body and read minds, to cheat on tests, and find out which boys are interested in which girls.
Her more valuable abilities, such as Dimensional travel, Invulnerability, and Regeneration were seldom used, but Grandmother insisted on teaching her these spells as they might one day save her life.
Then, while meditating, Matsugi discovered that she was in an alternate realm; a peaceful place where she was free to do as she pleased. Here,on “Second Earth”, she met a new teacher who showed her new ways to use her power. With each training session, Matsugi’s spirit grew darker and darker until she returned to her home dimension an evil shadow of her former self.
Powerful and unbound by any morals, Matsugi has started down a path that will, no doubt, lead her to a Department holding cell, or worse.

Combat Tactics/M.O.: Matsugi is, essentially, a non-combatant.
Basically she is very good at gathering information, using telepathy to read her opponent’s mind, or leaving her body to map places or listen in on conversations. It is difficult to keep a secret from Matsugi, and if she finds that you wish to capture her, she will likely send you through a portal to Second Earth where thier spirit will be eroded and turned to evil. Alternately, she will simply read a person’s mind, uncover his or her darkest secrets and use the knowledge to blackmail them for fun or profit. Or she can simply commit identity theft (her favorite crime), and take everything from her enemy.

Personality: Due to her ability to breeze through school by cheating, Matsugi is mostly care-free. She is easy to get along with as long as you do as she says, and frightening if crossed.
She has everything she could ever need, since she tends to spend
other people’s money like water and even has her own apartment away from her annoying grandmother and her constant lessons.


B 3 A 3 M 1

Stealth/Evading Security cameras and Alarms
Athletics/Throwing, Acrobatics
Outdoor/Direction Sense

Super speed 5pts
Self repair [Healing 2] 2pts

Mental Malfunction- reluctant Villain


Prority x3
Move Run 9sqs Jumping 9sqs
Soak x3
Defense x3
Mental Defense x1

Stats 14 + powers 7pts = 21

Development project by the Daiko Corportaion, Riku is in many ways superior to the C.H.E.S.S. Pawn series or Department-88 Bushi series of androids she was intended to replace. Almost completely indistinguishable from humans, even when damaged, Riku is stronger, more agile, and faster than either type of android currently in service.
Unfortunately, as her ability to mimic normal human behavior was
nearing completion, Daiko‘s top secret lab was attacked by several
members of Intercrime. Most of the research team was killed during the raid, and Riku was captured.
Although Intercrime appears to be unable to create replicas of the Riku type, they do seem to have managed to reprogram her, at least on a basic level. Riku now serves Intercrime and its various agents, although not unquestioningly so. On several occasions she has appeared to hesitate when ordered to attack, and has even been observed to protect bystanders from falling debris.

Combat Tactics: Riku is not an experienced fighter. Her
combat programming was scheduled to be completed after her human mimicry, and it would seem as though Intercrime has been unable to address this issue. Rather than rely upon skill, she relies upon her raw strength and speed. She has developed a habit of either throwing something really heavy at her opponent, or grabbing her opponent and tossing him at a large, immovable object.

Personality: Little is known about Riku’s personality programming as her lab was too badly damaged to retrieve any useful information, and it is likely that it was altered drastically by Intercrime.

Ok there you go... #8 and 9, I"ll be adding to this post daily the remainder of the Great Bridge. As always comments are welcome.
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All-Father of Bash!
All-Father of Bash!

Joined: Apr 04, 2010
Posts: 2498

PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chris Rutkowsky
Basic Action Games
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Supporting Character
Supporting Character

Joined: Jan 23, 2013
Posts: 9

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 7:58 am    Post subject: Next Conversion #10 Reply with quote

Tanken-Masamaki Shin
B 1/3 A 2 M 3

Pilot Mecha/Evasion, Pursuit
Security/Disabling Security alarms and camera
Computers/Programming, Hacking


Alpha Module
Boost Brawn 2pts
Armor 3pts
Large [+5 brawn rolls, damage and soak, -1 defense] 1pt

Energy Vulcan Cannon [Special attack x3dmg, Med range, Small Arc, Doubles(Repeat use) <charges>] 4pts

Mini-Missiles [Special attack x3dmg, Med Burst, Mid Range <Charges> ] 4pts

Beta Module
[Hovering 8sqs] 1pt
Chain Saw [Special Attack x3dmg, <Extra>] 2pts

Mental Malfunction- Wild Card

Remote Control [Beta Module only]

Pursued [See Adel File]

Priority x2
Move Run 6sqs Jumping 9sqs Hover 8sqs
Soak x4 in armor/ x1 out of armor
Defense x1 in armor/ x2 out of armor
Mental Defense x3

Stats 16 + powers 14 = 30

Origin: It is thought that financial difficulties played a major role in the creation of this particular villain. As a researcher with the Kurumagi Technologies Corporation, Mr. Masamaki was certainly well compensated for his work. Research has uncovered substantial gambling debts owed to several less-than-savory individuals.
It is widely felt that initially, Shin stole the Proto-18 thinking to sell it to the highest bidder. While intelligent enough to reconfigure the system to recognize him as a pilot, he did not count on the quick response from Kurumagi’s in-house security agency. Two days after taking the combat suit, Mr. Masamaki found himself in a fire fight near Tokyo Tower where he faced off against four Kurugami security vehicles (similar to the U.S. Military “Humvee”). He was able to dispatch two of the vehicles before escaping.
Since then, Masamaki has been a fugitive, and has turned to a life of crime, using his powerful armor suit to rob banks, armored vehicles, ships, and even trains. There is no rhyme or reason for his targets, other than that they can be sold on the black market. Of note is the sudden disappearance of several of Tokyo’s more notorious loansharks within days of Mr. Masamaki’s theft of the Proto-18.

Combat Tactics: The “Proto-18” is nearly always operated with
both Alpha and Beta modules, allowing Shin to have the best possible maneuverability, speed, and firepower. Normally, Shin will get just close enough to his target to attack with his main weapon, the energy Gatling. He will then close on his target using any cover available. If the fight lasts until he is within melee range, he will either pound his opponent into submission or slice his opponent with the wing-mounted chainsaw.

Personality: Shin used to be a happy guy. He had a good job, and was on his way to becoming a great engineer in his own rite. Since the theft however, Shin has become rather sullen and dark. It is likely that he continues to run out of fear of prosecution and
imprisonment. It is also likely that he commits robbery to provide a means of survival. To be sure, he could steal a great deal more than he does given his demonstrated ability with the Proto-18.

Agent’s Notes: C.H.E.S.S. agents probably realized rather quickly
that the Proto-18 armor is actually the export version of the General Motors M-606 Modular Combat Armor System (M-CAS). Department agents have been notably impressed by the American effort, finding the need for only a few minor refinements in the targeting and mobility systems. We were most impressed with the ability of the flight unit (Beta Module), to fly autonomously from a storage area to the Alpha Module. Although, with some additional modification, it is likely that the Department-88 version will be able to use the Beta Module as an unmanned combat aircraft similar to the Hayabusa drones already in production.
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Supporting Character
Supporting Character

Joined: Jan 23, 2013
Posts: 9

PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 12:48 pm    Post subject: post # 11 Reply with quote


B 1 A 1 M 1

Occultism +1

Gate to hell [Dimension teleportation] 1pt
Evil little thing [Mind Spikes 3] 3pts

Demonic Gifts
Danger Sense 2pts
Sense Demons [Super sense] 1pt
Clairvoyance [Past, Present, Future] 3pts

Summon Aberris[Summon 5, Limitation can only be used to summon her demon protector] 4pts
B 4 A 2 M 1,
60 hits
Swift Strike 2pts,
Life draining touch [Continual Damage 3] 3pts

Mental Malfunction-
Skip Tracker from Hell
Fearless, Quick thinking

Age [appears 12], Rogue's gallery [Escaped demons from hell]

Priority x3
Move Run 3sqs Jumping 1sq
Soak x1
Defense x3
Mental Defense x1

Stats 6 + powers 14 = 20

Origin & Background: Sonya was, apparently, a very bad little girl.
She died tragically at age 12, and was immediately sent to hell. After a century or so of torment, she was sent back to Earth to capture and return those spirits who had escaped the Devil’s clutches. Unlike other damned spirits, who appear as grotesque demons, Sonya looks like any other 12-year-old girl. Obviously so dainty a hunter would be no match for a hulking demon, so the Devil sent with her Aberris, a daemon of great power and beauty, who serves as Sonya’s slave.
Together, the pair travel the world, finding demons and returning them to hell. Unfortunately, she cares little for “collateral damage.”

Combat Tactics: Sonya is the brains of the operation. First
locating her prey and finding the best possible location to spring her trap. Aberris serves as the muscle, paralyzing demons with his deadly touch. Once immobilized, Sonya opens a portal to hell and dumps the unlucky demon into it. As for tactics, Sonya likes to surprise her foes, especially in dark alleys or empty parking structures.

Personality: Clearly, spending time in hell has rendered young Sonya completely insane. She has little or no compassion for the suffering of others, or for her slave. She has been known to laugh out loud upon seeing Aberris injured. She has also branched out into a new field, delivering new souls to hell. It is likely that this is a misguided effort to curry favor with her “employer” and
possibly gain her release. Whatever the reason, she has, with
increasing regularity, terminated criminals and sinners of every stripe (politicians seem to be a favorite).

The best thing any agent could do upon seeing Sonya or Aberris is
to simply walk the other way. Battling her in a crowded area is to be
avoided, as she will kill anyone between her and her target. Agents are
advised to follow and observe from a distance
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Joined: Jul 05, 2010
Posts: 743
Location: Montreal

PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Love your characters.

"Aberris serves as the muscle, paralyzing demons with his deadly touch. Once immobilized, Sonya opens a portal to hell and dumps the unlucky demon into it."

Does Aberris' Continual Damage do what you describe? You describe more of a Daze linked to the demon's strikes.

The Sky Marshall
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