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Ry74's builds
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Supporting Character

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 3:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Can do!


Who was Mr. Impossible?

Val-Kodus, known as Craig Garrett, but more famous as Mr. Impossible, was perhaps Earth's most important out-of-town visitor. Though originating from a distant star system known to Earth astronomers as Alpha-137 that was overtaken by malevolent destructive forces, he soon became known as something more human than human by those who knew him personally, professionally, or "professionally". He was seen as something of a quaint throwback in his ways of going about his business, but it was something that people hardly minded. While other super teams could be bogged down in their struggles with each other or within, Mr. Impossible could be found putting in an honest day's work, either at his desk or in the streets, living his relatively drama-free life at the office or pulling dazed and confused villains out of their death machines or the craters at the corner of 56th and Saratoga Street he had just planted them in like a tree.

The fact the Mr. Impossible refused to take sides in any super-struggle aside from the struggle against the passion of the few to dominate the many earned him the respect of heroes and villains alike. But the respect he sought was not from his peers but from the people- and perhaps, one person in particular- one of his intelligent co-workers at the insurance office, Sarah K. Foster. She inevitably ended up being wrapped up in the shenanigans of his super-human life, at times needing rescue, and a few others, proving instrumental to defeating a villain's plan due to being overlooked. In time, it felt just a little off if there wasn't an adventure of his where she wasn't involved somehow, and at times she wondered why she deserved that sort of attention. Still, it seemed as though Mr. Impossible had become an institution, and would be around forever.

Until he wasn't.

There would be no more last-minute lucky escapes or second chances for Mr. Impossible. Yes, even though his last minute sacrifice brought about the end of the extradimensional warlord X-Terminus, there was always something lost when a superhero died forever. However, it was soon made quite apparent, that even though he was dead, he was not truly gone, as Mr. Impossible had left in place the ultimate contingency in the case of his demise. Seeking the aid of the sorcerer known as the Black Constable, he ensure that, in the event of his death, his superpowers would be transferred to someone else.

The recipient of said powers would be none other than Sarah K. Foster herself- because she was a person who he knew had the combination of humility and fearlessness to use his powers responsibly, or at least not use them for evil, and he wanted to give them to someone who knew the physical limitations of normal humans well enough that they could most properly empathize with them. However, now that she suddenly (she doesn't even have a costume yet) carries the superhuman inheritance of Mr. Impossible, she has to prove herself a worthy successor to the departed to hero and villain alike (and some of the latter want to take a real good crack at the new kid)- and because she was granted power by magic, additional intrusive magic can futz around with her pretty bad.

It's still better than being weak to Protonium though. That was just nasty to watch.

LEGACY (Sarah Karen Foster)
40 pt Hero (20 pts stats 22 pts powers -2 Weakness)
B4 A3 M3

Super-Toughness (Armor 3, x7 Soak)
Flight 4 (20 squares)
Healing 3
Resistance 2 (Acid, fire, cold, electricity)
Alpha Energy (Special Attack 5, Variable)
-Alpha Beam (x6 DM, x3 Hit, Mid-range, 30 squares)
-Alpha Smash (x8 DM, x3 Hit)
-Alpha Nova (x5 DM, x4 hit, Medium Burst)
Telepathy 2
Danger Sense 2
Damaging Weakness: Magic -2

Alpharion Luck (Dumb Luck)

Rogues Gallery
Public ID

Commerce (appraisal)
Deception (Detect Deception)
Social Science (Law)
Athletics (Swimming, Acrobatics)
Escapology (Improvising)

Mental Malfunction:
Great Responsibility
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