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BASH - Basic Action Super Heroes :: View topic - Project 365 Villains and Vigilantes day 3 and 4

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Project 365 Villains and Vigilantes day 3 and 4

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Supporting Character
Supporting Character

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:32 am    Post subject: Project 365 Villains and Vigilantes day 3 and 4 Reply with quote

What Project 365? Well, I decided to take on the challenge of put out one new character conversion each day for the next year. Crazy uh? I decided to start my project with the characters of famed Villains & Vigilantes RPG. As there is so much material, where to start? I choice the Great Bridge, in which the villains of Japan are offered up to serve a new opponents for your heroes to battle.

Misaka- Kistsune Misaka

B 3[+3] A 4[+3] M 1

Athletics/Aerobatics, Throwing, Acrobatics
Humanities/Otaku [nerd] Culture-[knowledge of Manga, Gaming and Anime]

Flight [15 sqs] 3pts
Fists [Weapon technique +1 to Hit/Dmg, x4+3 Dmg] 2pts
Pair weapons 2pts
Heightened Brawn and Agility 2pts

Mental Malfunction-
Best way to use her power, Exact revenge!

Dumb Luck

Normal [when not wearing her School Uniform], Phobia [convinced that perverts are trying to see her underwear (especially when she is flying)

Prority x4[+3]
Move Run 8sqs Jumping 9sqs Flying 25sqs
Soak x3[+3]
Defense x4[+3]
Mental Defense x1

Stats 16 + powers 9 = 25

Eiji-Tanaka Eiji

B 4 A 1[+3] M 1

Weakness Loss of powers at the sight of a girl's underwear

Humanities/Otaku [nerd] Culture-[knowledge of Manga, Gaming and Anime]

Ki Attack [Push 4] 4pts

Bo-Ken [Wooden practice sword, x2Dmg/X3 2H]
Weapon technique +1 to Hit/Dmg, x3/x4 2H Dmg, Enhancement- Beat] 3pts
Deflect 2pts

Heightened Agility 1pt
Invulnerability [Armor 2] 2pts
Sword Surgeon 2pts

Mental Malfunction-
Best way to use his power, Exact revenge!

Dumb Luck

Normal [when not wearing his School Uniform]

Prority x1[+3]
Move Run Jumping
Soak x6
Defense x1[+3]
Mental Defense x1

Stats 12 + powers 14 - weakness 2 = 24

Misaka and Eiji grew up in the same apartment building just three doors apart. It was fairly predictable that they would have something more than a friendship as they grew older and entered High School. Their bond was only strengthened by the fact that they were both Otaku (nerds). School was a daily ritual of torment and mediocre grades that interrupted weekends spent reading manga, gaming, watching anime, and even stealing time just to be

Things changed when, on their way home from school, the two were
nearly struck by a tiny meteorite, about the size of a pea. The two
leaned over the foot-wide crater and stared at the glowing rock for what seemed like a few seconds, but when they looked away it was night. Looking at each other, they also found that they had both become quite attractive. Each also found that they felt different, although neither could put into words exactly what that difference might be, other than being much better looking.

Each returned home to find that once out of their school uniforms,
they returned to their normal, unremarkable selves. The next day Eiji and Misaka both found that upon putting on their school uniforms they again became different. For Eiji and Misaka, there was only one thing to do with their newly-found powers: exact revenge upon anyone who ever made their lives difficult, which is, essentially everyone.

Combat Tactics/M.O.: Eiji and Misaka fight well, especially together. They work as a team pummeling their opponents, Eiji with his bo-ken, Mikasa with her fists. When able, they focus on a single opponent knocking him out and then moving on to the next. Misaka will often employ heavy objects as clubs or simply hurl them at opponents, while Eiji tends to pummel his opponents with waves of Ki energy.

Personality/Character Traits: Both Eiji and Misaka are still otaku at heart. Their previous outcast status has forged them together. They are now seldom seen wearing anything other than a school uniform, and are often found humiliating former antagonists.

Strangely, they often come to the defense of otaku (nerds), an understandable tendency when one considers their history. While it is believed that the pair may have more than just a professional relationship, no evidence has appeared to support such a theory. It is, however, the consensus of Department psychologists that this pair could be turned from evil to good given proper motivation, and probable relocation to remove them from their negative stimulus.

Agent’s Notes: Both Misaka and Eiji appear to suffer from similar,
and common, psychosis. Although most of our C.H.E.S.S.
counterparts seem to find it rather amusing, the involuntary reaction to seeing women’s undergarments is fairly common in Japan, and has been attributed to everything from bad rice to cosmic rays. Likewise, many women live in perpetual fear of young men seeing their undergarments.
Reactions in young men tend to range from anxiety, nose bleeds, and even loss of consciousness. Young women normally react by first attempting to conceal their undergarments, after which they become enraged, and often violent towards anyone who actually reacts to what they have seen.

Of lesser note is Misaka’s ability to fly without the use of wings. While files in the C.H.E.S.S. database indicate that this ability is rather common among both villains and vigilantes in the Americas and Europe, it is exceedingly rare in Japan and the rest of Asia. Because of this, visiting vigilantes from the west can expect villains and other vigilantes to react to their power with at least some measure of surprise and even admiration or envy.

As these two are tandem and I said this project was to be one new conversion a day I felt this counts as two days. These two were a fun conversion. They make for fun lite heart-ed encounter.

In fact I had three-way battle between players, Misaka and Eiji and Bakanaru from day 1 of this project, when Bakanaru invaded a comic-con and started bullying the otakus as he searched for rare comic he wanted. In fact Misaka and Eiji were defended by the otakus when the players tried to take them down. It drove the players crazy co-play otakus jumped into the act, they laughed like crazy at times.

Hope you enjoy the conversion and any comments welcome.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You know, it would be more practical to list all these character in the same thread. It would make them easier to find.
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